Season 9 Episode 13

The Cartoon

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1998 on NBC

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  • Kramer barely says a thing... And still makes me laugh

    'The pig says my wife is a slut' has got to be one of the funniest moments this season. Sally Weaver plot was kind of annoying, however, the best part has to be when she's speaking so fast Kramer loses it and starts speaking again.
    George... Strange things happen to him and well, he had to date someone who looks exactly like Jerry. He can't help it and he loses it too :)
    Elaine is so funny. This time she thinks she has actually won something by creating the silliest cartoon but hey, nothing is perfect in this life.
    Good episode, can't get tired of watching this show.
  • It was a good episode.

    Elaine tries to make a cartoon for the New Yorker after seeing them fail with a office cartoon with a cat and a dog. I thought Elaine's cartoon was okay but I loved it when Kramer said "My wife is a slut" for what the pig in her cartoon should say. Hah hah. After Jerry tells a woman she sucks, she puts him as a devil in her act. Then insults him a lot, and then when Kramer stats his no talking policy he tells the woman everything, screwing them up completely. Hah hah. George's girlfriend looks like Jerry, which is funny and he questions his sexuality. So it was a good episode.
  • A cool episode!

    This episode is about Jerry in its itself: after telling his friend that she stinks (well actually Kramer did) Jerry tries to apologize but instead finds himself the target of her jokes, and that makes Jerry go mad. Elaine tries to draw an own cartoon since the current one does not makes any sense, but later she discovers that she had been plaging one. George begins to date a woman that is exactly like Jerry, and Kramer decides to shut up and never talked again. A cool episode!