Season 6 Episode 1

The Chaperone

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1994 on NBC

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  • Classic bits.

    After watching this episode, I realized why I like this show so much. It is because of the original writing and the funny bits that can't be seen in any other show. Where else can you find George convincing Yankee players to switch to cotton uniforms? Where else can you see Elaine get a job based on her looks similar to a person that was well-known? Where else can you find Jerry and Kramer fighting overa Miss America contestant? The answer is nowhere else. This episode had some great comedy, funny bits, great writing, and great storylines. Overall, a great episode. Thank you.
  • Season 6 begins and doesn't let the fans down on the King of Sitcoms; Seinfeld.

    Seasons 6 begins one of the biggest changes in Seinfeld's run: George gets a job at the Yankees and moves out of his parent's hosue. Elaine lost her job at Pendant Publishing and was evicted from the apartment she's been in since season 2. Elaine's string of misfortunes are curiously resolved in this episode as she finds a job with eccentric tycoon Mr. Pitt (Ian Abercrombie) and a new apartment as this episode feautures at least two consecutive days and she clearly wasn't sleeping in an alley as there's no sign of a bag of cans, if only real problems were fixed that fast.....

    In it; Jerry gets a date with a Miss American contestant (what else is new?) and him and the now high - rolling George stay at Atlantic City to watch the big event.
    Kramer becomes obsessed with taking the contestant under his wing as he's always had a fixation for the show and tags along with the (formerly) happy couple. Meanwhile Elaine's job as Mr. Pit's personal assistant is proving difficult as buying him a pair of socks sees her spending days on it. This is one of not too many episodes of Seinfeld to have a plot twist that effects the ending when usually they're pretty straightforward. I can't give it away but let's just say the orginally title of the episode; "The Birds" is so - called for good reason. At this point of the show, the budget has clearly soared from episodes taking place in one scene and one set for half an hour to many scenes and sets that look great and add depth. This is one of the only episodes to show stock footage of Times Square which is strange that a show based in New York City doesn't show much of it while shows like Friends show so many New York icons it's more of a tourist guide than a sitcom half the time.

    The awkwardness between the four main actors in the early seasons have been blown away and the four of them have nailed their roles and interact with eachother naturally.
    Acting - wise, my only problem with this episode is Miss Rhode Island which is overplayed by the nameless actress who relies more on facial tics than nuances and generally drags the episode down.

    The sub - plot that has George switch the Yankees uniform from polyester to cotton is mainly used as an introduction to George's new career in the Yankees and makes this episode on the verge of being spread too thin.

    All in all a terrific episode.
  • The Chaperone

    Jerry gets a date with Miss America but the can’t go because her chaperone can not make it so Kramer volunteers and becomes her couch for the pageant Elaine get a new job be a assistant for Mr. Pitt. George has the Yankees wear cotton uniforms. I like the over all episode of Seinfeld I thought the stories mixed well with each other and the jokes where funny and the stories where great not a boring episode at all it was never slow are boring. My over all rating for this episode is 9.3 out of 10 that is all the end.
  • Another interesting installment in the Seinfeld series

    Jerry killing the trained doves + Kramer becoming a Miss America dictator + Elaine and her grace (blah!) = Another interesting episode in the greatest series of all time. I wouldn't call it a classic Seinfeld episode because it wasn't. I thought Kramer's Miss America storyline was weak, it brought him out of the great "Kramer-esque" mold.