Season 8 Episode 7

The Checks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After their meeting with the Japanese TV execs, George mentions the female exec in the same way he'd talked about Susan after their previous NBC meeting. Notice that the female Japanese exec seems to be wearing an outfit identical to the one Susan wore when they met in the season 4 episode "The Pitch".

    • When Jerry leaves to cash the checks he says "Konichiwa" to Kramer which actually means "how are you" in Japanese.

    • The Urban Sombrero makes a cameo in this episode.

    • Jerry tells the umbrella salesman on the street that he's doing 'the twirl' too quickly, as it'll disorient the customers. However, in the very next scene, when demonstrating the twirl for George, he twirls the umbrella far faster than the salesman had.

    • If you watch carefully, it's clear that Jerry's version of 'the twirl' is different from that of the umbrella salesmen. They twist the shaft with their fingers, whereas Jerry spins the handle with his whole hand.

    • Elaine should have known that it was "boogeyman" instead of "boogetyman." Especially since in "The Gymnast" she heard Kramer say, "You ever dream in 3-D? It's like the boogeyman is comin' right at you."

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: (to Kramer) That's a lovely little bureau and breakfast you're running.

    • Jerry: You have them sleeping in drawers?
      Kramer: Jerry, have you ever seen the business hotels in Tokyo? They sleep in tiny stacked cubicles all the time. They feel right at home.
      Jerry: This has international incident written all over it.

    • Kramer: (talking to Jerry) Here you're just another apple. But in Japan, you're an erotic fruit. Like an orange, which is rare there.

    • Jerry: So you're angry that this bizarre carpet cabal made no attempt to abduct you?
      George: They could've at least tried.
      Jerry: You know, maybe they thought you look too smart to be brainwashed.
      George: Please.
      Jerry: Too dumb?

    • Kramer: That's the funny face that greets you at the beginning of the Super Terrific Happy Hour.
      Japanese tourist: Oh, Super Terrific!
      Kramer: Yeah, that's him.
      Japanese tourist: What is he doing?
      Kramer: Well, I don't know, but something Super Terrific, I'm sure.

    • Kramer: Everybody laughs at Jerry here in America.

    • (Jerry picks up the phone)
      Jerry: Yeah?
      George: (panicked and rushed) Jerry! The Japanese guys had sake in the hot-tub! You gotta get 'em outta the drawers and get 'em down here, or I don't have a focus group to sell the pilot to Japanese TV!
      Jerry: (kidding) Uncle Leo?
      George: JERRY!
      (George begins hammering the phone against the kiosk and Jerry lifts the phone away from his ear at the noise)
      Jerry: All right, all right. I'll wake 'em up.

    • George: Who buys an umbrella anyway? You can get them for free in the coffee shop in the metal cans.
      Jerry: Those belong to people.

    • Elaine: What's with the claw?
      Jerry: Super terrific carpal tunnel syndrome.

    • George: He's giving you furniture? Who is this guy?
      Jerry: Who are any of her losers?
      George: You're on that list.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • After being apparently brainwashed by Sunshine Cleaners, Mr. Wilhelm tells George that his name is Tanya. This was the same name newspaper heiress Patty Hearst took after her 1975 kidnapping/brainwashing.

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