Season 8 Episode 8

The Chicken Roaster

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 1996 on NBC

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  • I like chicken.

    Well, the chicken is the deal. Actually, Kramer has a thing for Kenny Roger's chicken and can't stop eating it. That is what I call a funny plot. Not only was it hilarious, it made me hungry. Either way, this episode had food, good writing, good comedy, and some funny storylines. The thing is that it was all a great mix. My favorite parts of the show had to be where Kramer gets caught with the chicken and when he switches egos with Jerry. It was actually one of the very few times where Kramer was actually close to being a normal person. Thank you.
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters opens in the neighborhood and the large neon chicken sign forces Kramer and Jerry to switch apartments. Elaine goes to Burma in search of Peterman to get her expenses authorized. George keeps scheming to get that second date.

    “Seinfeld” has always featured some of the most memorable characters and "The Chicken Roaster" certainly proves it. It’s incredible how a big neon chicken could turn the lives of two people. The large glowing sign of the Kenny Roger’s Roasters forces Jerry and Kramer to switch apartments but also their personas. There are some really funny scenes including Jerry unable to sleep in Kramer’s apartment. George’s sophomoric attempts to score a second date and Elaine’s crushing ultimatum at work offers some good laughs but its Seinfeld and Richards who deliver the episode’s funniest moments. John O’Hurley and Wayne Knight have their moments. The ending is outstanding.
  • Kenny!

    Kenny! This is a classic seinfeld episode, and one of my favorites. A kenny Rogers chicken roaster opens up across the street from Kramers apartment, and the bright red neon sign is so bright it lights up kramers entire apartment so that he can't eat or sleep. So Jerry and kramer switch apartments, and kramers apartment scares the crap out of Jerry because it makes so much sound. So the next day Jerry opens the door like Kramer and starts acting like him. After he leaves Newman runs out of the other room with some of the chicken, that Kramer becomes addicted to, so jerry makes him move back. I can't give away the ending though, you'll just have to watch it!
  • Good episode.

    This was a good episode. It was split into two. Elaine and George, Jerry and Cramer. George is desperate to get a second date. He leaves something at his date's house and supposedly is going to come back to get it and to get a date. Too bad that thing is important to Elaine. So ends up she doesn't have it, and if you want to know what happens, watch the episode. Jerry technicallyt runs his old college friend out of buisness, and the friend gets to work at a chicken store. Somehow Cramer gets thrown into the mix and here comes a funny plot. If you want to know what happens in this hilarious episode, watch it! Nuff' said.
  • a very underrated episode

    this is one of my favorite seinfeld episodes. Kenny rogers chicken opens up across the street and causes a kramers room to become neon. Jerry and kramer trade rooms and before you know it they start acting like each other (probably one of the funniest things ever). Meanwhile george has trouble with this girl and he tries to leave his hat back at her place to maybe get a second date. The plan really backfires though. Overall this is one of my favorite episodes and has alot of hilarious moments. Definately one of the more underated seinfeld episodes in my opinion.
  • No More Kenny Rogers!!

    One of the BEST!! Funny as hell. Newman's greatest scenes and Jery's funniest lines "Broccoli? newman you wouldn;t eat Broccoli if it were deep fried in chocolate syrup lol.. Newman--I lofe Broccoli.. Oh REALLy--Have a WEED-- "Quick HONEY MUSTARD!!!" The ironic and even funnier part is Kenny Rogers Chicken went out of business just as fast as it closed in this episode. I used to eat there and it was excellent. "It;s thw wood that makes it good". mmm fire roasted chicken! I dont know why it guess the extra 2.00 for a full meal vs mcDonalds of Burger King didnt draw in enough business but it wasn;t the fault of Kenny food was damn good lol. This episode also features one of my favorite linea MR MARBLES!!!!
  • Great!

    This episode is so cool! Kramer decides to put on boycott against Kenny's chicken, because they put a really neon red light coming from his apartment, later on, Kramer and Jerry switch apartment, and that causes them to switch personalities as well, and that makes things even better, in this episode!!! Meanwhile, George puts on the old trick of forgetting something in someone's apartment in order to have a secon date, but things get out of control when he forgets Elaine's hat.
  • one of my favs

    ya this episode is great jerry is acting like kramer and kramer is acting like jerry its so funny hearing kramer saying "thats a shame". or jerry doing that crazy thing with his hands that kramer always does. a really good episode. tjtalman's review sucks alot its just what every episode of Seinfeld is.

  • Mr Marbels!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the show it's so strange and funny. Definitely one of Kramer and Jerry's best when they switch places it is brilliant