Season 8 Episode 8

The Chicken Roaster

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Right after Jerry and Elaine leave to buy the hat, Kramer picks up the ice-cream container and a split-second later it's gone.

    • Jerry says that Bob Saccamano sells Russian hats in Battery Park but Kramer says that Bob always sits in a chair by a window saying "My Name is Bob" back in season two's "The Heart Attack".

    • When Kramer makes himself cereal, pours in tomato juice, and subsequently throws it out, the cereal box moves to different locations on the countertop in nearly every switch of camera angle.

      Additionally, after Kramer splats the tomatoe juice laden cereal on the wall, he attempts to clean it up (poorly of course). At the next scene cut - the wall is spotless.

    • When Jerry comes home and sees the red dot on his door, he figures out that it is coming from Kramers peep hole across the hall, so do we all know how peep holes work, the light would be spread out into a much larger dot, and also would be the same level as the peep hole on Kramers door, not as seen lower. Now they could have solved this goof, by airing the show after the reverse peephole episode.

    • Elaine hates real fur. She wouldn't have bought George that hat.

      Elaine has previously *claimed* to hate real fur, but in the episode where Puddy has a fur coat she says that she no longer has the energy to fight that fight.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: (referring to the rat fur being all over the restaurant) That's not gonna be good for business.
      Seth: That's not gonna be good for anybody.

    • Jerry: (about Kramer) The greasy doorknob, the constant licking of the fingers. He's hooked on this chicken, isn't he?

    • Elaine: This is the Urban Sombrero. I put it on the cover of our last catalog.
      Mr. Peterman: The horror! The horror!

    • Kramer: Why don't we just switch apartments?
      Jerry: Or I could sleep in the park.

    • George: She's got a little Marisa Tomei thing going on.
      Jerry: Ah. Too bad you've got a little George Costanza thing going on.

    • George: I'm like a commercial jingle. First it's a little irritating. Then you hear it a few times. You're humming it in the shower. By the third date, it's 'Buy Mennen!

    • George: (picking up the phone) Now… watch the magic.
      (he attempts to dial and gets a disconnect tone)
      Elaine: Dial 9, Merlin.

    • Kramer: How come you didn't take this problem to Jerry?
      George: I can't talk to Jerry anymore. Ever since he moved into your apartment he's been too much . . . like you.
      Kramer: That's a shame.

    • Kramer: You know there is the possibility that you've gone right out of your mind.
      George: I've looked at that. It seems unlikely.
      Kramer: Well I'd look again.

    • (Kramer's bouncing on the bed basking in the red light as he eats his Kenny Rogers chicken. Suddenly, the red light goes out.)
      Kramer: (concerned) Kenny?……… (now crying) Kenny!

    • Jerry: I only knew you through Moochie!

    • Kramer: I can't sleep, every time I close my eyes i see that giant red sun in the shape of a chicken!

    • Jerry: (commenting on George's big Russian hat) Why didn't you get the big one?

    • Jerry: Newman you wouldn't eat broccoli if it was deep-fried in chocolate sauce.

    • Newman: (after eating the broccoli in order to cover for Kramer's food tastes) Vile weed!

    • Jerry: (trying to sleep but sees a shadow of a doll run across the wall) Mr Marbles?

    • Kramer: Stay away from the chicken! Bad chicken! Mess you up!
      Seth: That's not gonna be good for business.
      Jerry: That's not gonna be good for anybody.

    • Jerry: (after Kramer wildly confesses his addiction to Kenny's chicken) You've got a little problem.
      Kramer: Oh, I've got a big problem, Jerry!

    • Jerry: (about Kramer's apartment) You don't know what it's like in there! All night long things are creaking and cracking, and that red light is burning my brain!
      Elaine: You look a little stressed.
      Jerry: Oh, I'm stressed!

    • Jerry: (talking to Kramer and Newman about switching from Jerry's apartment to Kramer's) Well don't get too comfortable. As soon as Seth gets a real job, you two are going back to that chicken supernova.

    • Elaine: (buying the hat for George) … and some hair for my little friend here.

    • Kramer: (a comment to Newman after Newman buys a huge amount of Kenny's chicken which Kramer has become addicted to) If Jerry finds out about this, I'm back in there with red menace.

    • Jerry: (to Kramer referring to the huge red neon sign outside Kramer's window) How's life on the red planet?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Seth: Mind if I grab the want ads?
      Jerry: Actually I haven't read Tank McNamara yet.

      Tank McNamara is a comic strip about a former NFL player who works as a local TV sports reporter. The comic, which debuted in 1974, was written by Jeff Millar and illustrated by Bill Hinds.

    • George: (referring to his plan for getting a third date with Heather) If there's any doubt, I do a leave-behind…keys, glove, scarf. I go back to her place to pick it up…date number three.
      Jerry: That's so old. Why don't you show up at her door in a wood horse?

      Jerry's quote is a reference to the "Trojan Horse" story from the epic Latin poem The Aeneid, written by Virgil. In the story, the Greeks hid soldiers in a giant horse, which they used to enter the city of Troy and open the gates for the Greek army.

    • Jerry: As soon as Seth gets a real job, you two are going back in that chicken supernova!

      Jerry is referring to a supernova, which is an event where a massive star explodes. A supernova is so bright it can be seen in the light of day. The most recent supernova was Supernova 1987A, which exploded in Febuary 1987.

    • Jerry: (holding up Kramer's doll) I'm afraid it's going to come to life in the middle of the night and kill me.
      Kramer: Mr. Marbles? He's harmless.

      Mr. Marbles is a reference to the killer doll, Chuckie, in the 1988 horror film Child's Play.

    • Peterman: "you're an errand girl sent by grocers to collect a bill," and later "the horror, the horror"

      At the end of this episode, when Elaine finds Peterman in the Burmese jungle, he gives the above quote, and later when she shows him the Urban Sombrero, he says "the horror, the horror". Both quotes are from the 1979 film masterpiece "Apocalypse Now," where Peterman is paraphrasing dialog of Marlon Brando's Col. Kurtz character.

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