Season 8 Episode 13

The Comeback

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1997 on NBC

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  • Gotta laugh at this stuff.

    Ok, first, Jerry's story. Jerry, after getting a two hundred dollar racket from a supposedly tennis "expert", Jerry see's him play tennis(yes, badly worded, whatever). He is horrible, and take this from a fellow tennis player. Note that Jerry is very good at playing tennis. His serves are amazing! Where did he learn to do that? Well anyway after Jerry see's that the guy stinks the guy bribes him by letting him have s*x with his wife. Afterwards Jerry turned this deal down, and now the wife has no respect for the husband. After trying to let the guy beat him, Jerry whoops him. That took up a ton of space. Ok, to not take up that much more space, I will try to end this fast. George has a very good diss story, very nice it made me laugh the entire time escpecially when the four of them were talking in Jerry's apartment. Elaine and Cramer's stories were also humorous, involving movies. I don't want to spoil it, so if you want to see it just go buy the DVD! End of review.