Season 4 Episode 11

The Contest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

George confides in Kramer, Elaine and Jerry that he was caught by his mother doing "you know" while stopping at their empty home in the middle of the afternoon and picking up a Vanity magazine. The shock, he mentioned caused her to fall, but he had to zip up before rushing to her aid. And the resulting trip to the hospital has George racked with guilt, swearing never to do it again, Jerry proposes a bet; that out of the two of them, George would cave and do "that" again. George agrees, and places the bet at $100; Kramer readily states his interest in the contest and throws his hat into the ring. Elaine, feeling left out wants in too, she is allowed in, but due to the differences between their temptations, George has her put in $150 as her part of the bargain, sealing the pact with their honor code pinky shake.

Meanwhile, a woman in an apartment next door enjoys letting it all hang out, to the open view of Jerry's apartment window. Kramer sees this and easily gives in to his temptation, paying his bet, only Elaine, George and Jerry stand in the ring. Elaine discovers that John F. Kennedy Jr. attends her aerobics class, and attempts to get to know him. She tells Jerry that while getting a cab ride with him in the wrong direction from her place so she can get to know him, she has him drop her off at Jerry's building saying it's her neighborhood. And George gets an eyeful while visiting his mother when a beautiful nurse comes in to give a sponge bath to an equally beautiful patient, while Jerry's advances with Marla are continually interrupted leaving the remainder of the group on pins and needles.

Elaine learns that John has taken an interest in her, and wants to date her. The anticipation of this causes her to cave in as well, much to Jerry and George's surprise. George "visits" his mother again and lets the sponge bath again take over his visit. Marla tells Jerry she's ready, but confides in her the contest that she is in with Elaine, George and Kramer; she becomes upset at the "sick game" and storms out. Elaine sees this while waiting on the street for John and goes up to ask Jerry about it. George enters and tells Elaine that Marla left with John. Jerry notices something odd about the naked woman's apartment, as the three of them look on, George remarks "Kramer?!" who had gone over to see the woman he had been spying on, they wave in response to him waving to them. The show concludes with Marla waking up with John in the afterglow of her 'first time.'