Season 4 Episode 11

The Contest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 1992 on NBC

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  • George gets caught master-bating by his mother,which leads to George,Jerry,Kramer and Elaine contesting who is "master of their domain".All 4 are tested in various ways.In the end they all give in,but as a later episode suggests,George apparentl

    This certainly has to rank among the funniest and wildest TV sit-com episodes ever.Dealing with a subject which is so taboo,the actual word describing it is never used during the entire episode.The ways in which each is tempted are hilarious,from the naked girl across the street to the sexy nurse in Georges moms hospital room,to Jerry dating a virgin,not to mention Elaine meeting John Kennedy,Jr.This episode is brillantly written.This is an example of most season 4 episodes,where the humor just seems to come so naturally from simple situations.George in his insecure mode is at the top of his game,and we actually empathize with poor,frustrated Jerry.Kramer is,well,Kramer,and even Elaine comes off fairly sympathetic in this episode.We never actually learn who wins in this episode,but there is a reference to it in "The Puffy Shirt"where George claims that "he won a contest".However,in the series finale,it is suggested that George cheated.Im not sure how he could do that though.Im prone to go along with the idea that he won.The George in the later episodes might have found a way to cheat,but I dont think the George in this episode could pull it off.