Season 6 Episode 5

The Couch

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 1994 on NBC

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  • Not sure what that means, but still this episode was so funny! XD

    Now the title of this episode is called "The Couch" hence Jerry's couch, but this episode involves THREE couchES, all of which get ruined by foreign substances. Shouldn't it be called "The Couches"? No? Yeah, that doesn't sound right, does it? LOL

    Anyway, this episode had me LMFAO. First of all, it had Poppie, who we all now is a little sloppy lol He just reopened his resturant and Kramer wants to help him make pizzas. Around the same time, Jerry has just bought a new couch so when Poppie comes up to Jerry's aparment, he litterally releives himself all over the couch! LOL

    Jerry's reaction was priceless. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. George has to read a book called "Breakfast at Tiffiny's" but he hates reading so he tries to rent the movie. Some dude and his daughter get the last tape so George, a complete total stranger comes to his house to watch it.

    kk, now we all now George's problem. He can only sit on the right side of someone/something. Jerry's the same. He can only sit on the left of someone/something. Unfortunately, that got the best of George. The girl takes his seat, and while trying to move her over, spills juice all over their couch. Another couch...ruined.

    At Poppie's, Kramer tries making pizza using cucumbers...pretty crappy idea that winds up getting him fired.

    And then Elaine's boyfriend wants to give Jerry his couch. Elaine throws a bottle of grape juice at his boyfriend that winds up shattering all over the couch. 3rd couch ruined, 1 2 3!
  • One of the best.

    I liked the fact that it was a great episode that had great comedy, great writing, and great acting. I think that a very underrated aspect of comedy is timing. Jerry had a new couch and gave the old one to Elaine. Elaine was dating a mover. George was trying to weasel his way to impress his girlfriend by not reading a book and renting the movie instead. Kramer revisited his plans of making pizza with Poppy. The plan went bad as everything got twisted into a big mess. Overall, it was a good episode that had so much to be watched. Thank you.
  • George joins a book club, Jerry and Elaine miss out on Poppy's duck due to an argument over abortion, Poppy pees on Jerry's couch, Kramer an Poppy enter into the "make your own pizza" business.

    This episode is a George classic, in my opinion. I mean who else would join a book club, not read the book, attempt to rent the movie and then goes to some guy's house to retrieve it upon finding out that it had been rented by him! He shows up at the house of this guy (Joe) who was planning on watching Breakfast at Tiffany's with his daughter and reluctantly invites him to join them. George plops himself on their couch (armrest and all), requests some popcorn and instead gets nuts--"You know what I love? How there's two nuts named after peoeple: Hazel and Filbert." Then he proceeds to spill grape juice on their white couch after fighting Joe's daughter for a spot on the couch. Too much!

    The other stories in the episode are pretty funny too. The whole making your own pizza Poppy refused to let Kramer put cucumbers on the pizza. I noticed a kind of simile between the abortion issue Elaine was stressing over and in what Kramer said about a pizza not being a pizza until it slides out of the oven and Poppy arguing that it's a pizza as soon as you put your fists in the dough..(you know, the question of when a fetus is considered a life). I just recently made the connection, I'm sure others have too. I thought that was clever of the writers.

    Still, my favorite part is the Breakfast at Tiffany's fiasco. Just another one of George's shocking but not so shocking schemes to cover up his laziness.