Season 2 Episode 9

The Deal

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 02, 1991 on NBC

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  • a unusual episode, a bit out of character but still good entertainment

    This episode for me was out of character for the series but never the less entertaining. I found that the idea of Jerry and Elaine even considering a "deal" after being such good friends for so long a bit out of character. The fact that it was an actual story from Larry David's life i suppose means that it isn't out of character because after all many of the shows plots are based around his "misadventures".

    I think this was a good episode in the entertaining sense but believe that the friendship should have stayed at that. Anybody agree with me on this?
  • A early classic, albeit uncharacteristic episode

    Although Seinfeld took a while before it established the formula which would make it so successful in later years, there are some great early episodes that showed what was to come. This episode contained a sentimentality that was uncharacteristic of Seinfeld, but that was a result of pressure from NBC to get Jerry and Elaine together. Despite that, the comedy in this episode was brilliant. The scene with Jerry and Elaine on the couch, working out "The Deal" has gone down as a classic, and the scene with George and Jerry in the gift shop was also hilarious - "who puts a bench in their house", which led to Jerry giving Elaine the gift of $182 cash, and hench George giving her $91 cash. Very funny episode.
  • One of my first and favorite Seinfeld episodes.

    This episode is definitely one of my favorites. The concept is great and it has the total "Seinfeld" vibe, especially when Jerry and Elaine were talking about "this" and "that". It was also funny the day after when Kramer came in and sees Elaine come out of the bedroom. The sheer awkwardness of the concept made it hilarious.
    It's episodes like these that make me love the show.
  • the usual shticky approach


    Okay, admittedly Seinfeld is far from my favorite show in the universe...and this is a prime example. The opening discussion starts out well enough but then devolves into the usual arm-waving, gesturing, stage-yelling, rather canned approach. In fact, all too often this show plays like a stand-up routine come to life...well, almost-life. It's the "wink wink" often found in Taxi taken a little too far. Still, the buying-of-the-birthday-present scene was pretty fun (with "Too gubernatorial" a great line).