Season 9 Episode 11

The Dealership

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1998 on NBC

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  • The whole episode takes place in a car know the rest

    Easily one of the most underrated episodes of the series. Most people claim the last season is weak, but forget this clever addition. Personally, it's one of my favs, and clearly shows the true Costanza. The scene with George at the service window, and everone around mixing up dialogue from different candies, is a classic. Definitely a reminder of classic episodes like "The Chines Restaurant," "The Parking Garage," "The Dinner Party," etc. Even to this day, when George yells "Jump!' at the dangling Twix bar, I still lose it...Im serious, literally every single time. Go, Georgie, catch that Sal...or Moe...or Lem...
  • Hah hah George...

    reminded me of Star Wars at the end... I think or something like that I forget. George seriously got mad in this episode, just over a Twix bars lol. I loved that everybody thought it had coconut in it when it didn't. I also enjoyed the fight between Elaine and Puddy, the whole mature twist was really well written. Poor Jerry, he had to get Elaine to get him a good deal, but he broke it with Puddy's over-used high five, hah hah. I never would've imagined Puddy as the person to over-use a high five. Ok the other thing is Kramer's part which is pretty funny as well. So it was good episode.
  • One of my favorites.

    I have to say that this is one of my favorite episodes. Not only was it great, it was also very entertaining. I don't think I disliked anything because I thought that everything was good. It was real funny that everyone's storylines revolved around a car dealership. Jerry tried getting a new car with a good deal. Elaine and David Puddy were at odds. George wanted to prove everybody how much he new about snacks. Kramer test drove a car to the point of running out of gas. Overall, a great episode and really good writing, comedy, and storylines with plots. Thank you.
  • George: It's wrinkled, it's worthless

    This episode is really cool, Jerry wants to buy a car and because Puddy works there he is going to have it in a very cheap price, unfortunately Elaine and Puddy broke up again and that causes Jerry to lose his deal. Meanwhile, George is starving to death and his only hope is a Twix, unfortunately he suspects that an obnoxious mechanic was the one who stole it, and Kramer wants to see how much can a car advance without any gas. Great episode!
  • I'm proud to say I was there...

    I'm proud to say I was there...when Kramer and that other guy went further to the left of the slash then anyone ever dreamed!

    In the proud tradition of The Chinese Restaurant and The Parking Garage, the plot of The Dealership consists solely of Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine visiting a car dealership. Despite the simple premise the episode contains a number of clever plotlines and some very funny moments. I thought it was a great indication of just how neurotic George can be when he puts together the candy line up - despite his hunger, he is more interested in proving the mechanic stole his orginal Twix then simply eating the ten additional Twix he somehow procured.
  • Good episode, but why is George so angry in Seasons 8 and 9?

    The Dealership (episode #167) was Seinfeld's first episode of 1998 as well as the first episode aired after Jerry announced that he was ending the show at the end of the season. It remains one of the best episodes of Season 9 and demonstrates how Seinfeld still kept its "show about nothing" motif, even in its final season. The only reason I billed my review "Out of character" is because I'm amazed at how much George's character changed from funny loser to angry idiot.

    Some fans of the show claim that as the series progressed, George and Elaine changed the most out of the main characters. While Elaine changed, I always liked her character from beginning to end. George, however, just grew into an explosive 'rageaholic' [from two episodes back] that screams out every other line. The character of George seemed to have jumped the shark when Susan died (and Larry David left the show, after Season 7) and starting in Season 8 he totally transformed. Even his facial expressions changed, and for most of the last two seasons he had a "What the hell are you lookin' at?" expression on his face. I'll admit that George even started showing signs of his future "always angry" self as early as Season 6, but I never would have guessed it would almost completely overtake his character in the seasons to come.

    Anyway, I'll stop ranting now. This episode stretches the believeabilty factor a little bit with George's storyline, but Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and Puddy are all great and make this episode a must-see.

    NOTE: It's one of those rare episodes that doesn't feature Jerry's apartment, Monk's Cafe, or any of the main characters (except Elaine) having girlfriends/boyfriends.
  • George suspects a mechanic of stealing his TWIX candy bar. It's a pretty "Stupid-Funny" episode.

    This was a pretty funny for Season 9 on Seinfeld.

    George suspects a mechanic of stealing his TWIX candy bar.

    George really shows just how stupid and insane he is when he was very hungry.(The candy lineup)

    George has the best lines in this episode, and he really has the spot light in this.

    Elaine breaks up puddy again.thats it. Elaine really takes a back seat in this.

    never the less. if this rerun is on tv. take 30 out of your life to watch it.

    it's a pretty "Stupid-Funny" episode.

    8.5 of of 10.