Season 9 Episode 11

The Dealership

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1998 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Elaine: You're a salesman now - and the high-five is… it's very grease monkey.
      Puddy: What did I tell you about that?
      Elaine: I'm sorry, but the high-five is just so stupid.
      Puddy: (Somewhat hurt) Oh yeah? I'll tell you what's stupid. You. Stupid.
      Elaine: Well, that is really mature.
      Puddy: Yeah? So are you.
      Elaine: Huh?
      Puddy: You're the grease monkey.
      Elaine: (Confused at his attempts at a comeback) Uh.. that doesn't make any sense. I am leaving.
      Puddy: Yeah, if you leave, we're through.
      Elaine: Fine! We're through!
      Puddy: Oh, so you're leaving?
      Elaine: (While leaving) That's right. (Mocking Puddy, she puts her hand up) High-five! (Turns around, putting her hand behind her back like he had done) On the flip side! (As Elaine is leaving, she mutters to herself) Takin' me to Arby's.