Season 6 Episode 20

The Doodle

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 1995 on NBC

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  • One of my personal favourites

    George find's a drawing of him that his girlfriend drew, and he thinks he looks grotesque. Firstly, This is quite funny, especially when you see the drawing. Next, Jerry's apartment is being fumigated, so he has to stay with his girlfriend. Elaine get's a free apartment suite for a few days, and That's where Jerry's visiting parents go. This also leads to a few funny scenes. This episode was the Third one I ever saw, And It's what made me want to watch seinfeld. Full of laughs, yet with an ok storyline, not short of creativity. I recomend this episode to anyone starting seineld - it'll get you hooked.
  • It was decent.

    This episode had some funny moments and some funny comedy. I think that this show does a good job of making something out of nothing. I liked the storyline with Kramer losing his taste as a result of a flea extermination. He couldn't even atste fruit from a fruitstand. Elaine needed manuscripts and George was insulted because of his girlfriend's way of thinking. Overall, this was a decent episode that had decent writing, okay plots, and decent comedy. I liked most of the episode and I wish they would have lightened up on the flea thing. So it was pretty good, mostly. Thank you.