Season 6 Episode 18

The Doorman

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • George is shocked to see that his dad has breasts but he says that he saw him naked in "The Statue", so he should already know.

    • George is worried that he may develop breasts because he has seen his father's. After speaking with Jerry he is worried it may be passed down from his grandmother. However then proceeds to ask Estelle about his grandmother who obviously would talk about her mother who is not related to Frank.

    • The replacement couch that was initially soiled by Poppie is completely different than the couch soiled in "The Couch."

    • Here's a small editing goof: When Jerry is waiting for the elevator to come, in the first minute of the episode, we see the doorman standing behind him with the paper in both hands and smiling. Then Jerry talks to the doorman about the Knicks and as the doorman answers he lets his paper down and changes his expression. A few seconds later, as Jerry turns back to the elevator, he's back in the same pose with the paper in both hands and the same smile. It's obviously the same scene as before.

  • Quotes

    • Frank: You're not having dinner with a bra salesman!
      Estelle: He only sells them, he doesn't wear them.

    • Estelle: (after seeing Frank trying on the Bro) I lived with him for forty years, I never saw him trying on my underwear. As soon as he leaves the house he turns into J. Edgar Hoover!

    • Frank: You had me sleeping on a pee-stained couch?!
      George: No no no, the cushion was turned over.

    • Kramer: Say you're getting intimate with a woman, you don't want her fumbling and struggling back there. I think we've all experienced that.

    • Elaine: (about Jerry) He's a comedian, Mrs. Payton. They don't know how to do anything.

    • Frank: Bro's no good. Too ethnic.
      Kramer: You got something better?
      Frank: How about the Mansiere?
      Kramer: Mansiere.
      Frank: That's right; a brassiere for a man.

    • Frank: You want me to wear a bra?
      Kramer: No, no, a bra is for ladies. Meet the Bro!

    • Jerry: (to Kramer) Boy, that brain never stops working, does it?

    • Jerry: (about Frank Costanza's breasts) So what? A lot of older men have that.
      Kramer: Oh, not these. These were real hooters.

    • Jerry: I'm going up to see Elaine Benes.
      Doorman: What are you, the boyfriend? Here for a quickie?

    • Jerry: What if the doorman tells them I was there?
      Elaine: Oh, who cares? No one's going to believe a doorman!

    • George: It's like I'm having my own personal crying game.

    • Delivery Guy: Hey, how 'bout those Knicks, huh?
      Jerry: (as doorman) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Notes

    • Larry Miller and Jerry Seinfeld worked together before, Larry was a performer in Jerry's very first TV special, and was also in Jerry's "I'm Telling You For the Last Time" HBO special. Jerry was also in the 1999 movie "Pros & Cons" with Miller.

  • Allusions

    • The German Tourists: "That's Him, Stop Him, (etc. etc.)"
      In the 1976 film, "The Marathon Man" starring Dustin Hoffman and Sir Laurence Olivier, there is a scene late in the movie that appears to be the basis for a scene in this Seinfeld episode. In "The Marathon Man", Olivier's character is recognized by New York Jewish immigrants as having been a Nazi torturer in a concentration camp in WWII. They follow him as he hurries along a New York City sidewalk and call for him to stop, crying his name out. I feel almost sure this scene is the inspiration for the Seinfeld scene where the German tourists chase Kramer down the streeet as he carries what they believe to be a stolen record player. They're calling out for someone to stop Kramer because, having seen him pull a fake hold-up on George, they think he's a criminal.

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