Season 8 Episode 17

The English Patient

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 1997 on NBC

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  • Seinfeld rules!

    This is one of the coolest episodes ever, I mean, is really cool, I like the idea of Elaine hating the movie in top of all. Is so classic, everyone sees the movie and everyone loves it, except for her, which makes her to transform into a social inadequate that is not funny at all and later her boss invites her to see it, and she must support watching the horrible movie, until she tells her boss that she hates it, and he considers firing her, so he sends her to Tunisia to get inspired. Is a really cool episode!
  • How a movie can ruin your day!

    Elaine and her boyfriend are seeing The English Patient. She absolutely hates the movie. Jerry is visiting his parents in Florida and Kramer hooks him up with Cubans. And by Cubans, we mean people, not cigars! George meets a woman named Danielle who almost mistakes him as her boyfriend. George gets interested and "goes out" with her.

    While Elaine hears everyone loving The English Patient and ends out going with her boss, J. Peterman, Jerry meets Izzy Mandelbaum, an old athlete who ends up breaking his back, twice and is in the hospital. As Izzy Sr. and Jr. (who are at least 10 years in age difference) visit him and end up breaking their back trying to lift a TV, Jerry realizes that their ownership of a crape place will be closing. But Jerry gets this idea. Kramer finds out that the Cubans are Dominicans so his investment is dropped and he doesn't know what to do, which makes Jerry getting them to roll crapes but it turns out poorly as Kramer states "You got to get real Cubans"

    Geroge tries to see Danielle again but finds out that she has to take care of her real boyfriend, named Neil. She leaves him and thinks Neil won, but no, George unplugs his IV bag.

    The episode ends as Elaine has to travel to Tunisia where the film was taken place but the Cubans hijack the plane to Cuba which drives Elaine nuts, once again.
  • How anyone can like the movie "the English patient" is beyond me. I tried to watch it, but it is un-watch able. So I bonded with Elaine immediately. Favourite line from Elaine: At least give me something I can use! Sex in a tub - that doesn't work!

    The Seinfeld writers always have subplots for all the characters, this one is no exception. While Elaine is going to the movie with her new boyfriend, Jerry visits his folks in Florida. His father introduces him to this old dude who is a competitive freak lifting things, and that results in a back injury. Jerry feels bad, and he is ending up putting the whole family in a hospital. The episode also have a subplot about some fake Cubans that Kramer try to sell off as cigar rollers. George has the most interesting plot, when he finds out that a beautiful girl has a boyfriend who looks just like him, only smaller and less fit.
    When she hits on him, he is only interested in getting to know her boyfriend, to steal his secret.

    So the next step is to wove all these stories toghether. Kramers Cubans gets a job at Jerry's fathers friends pancake-restaurant as a favour for putting them in a hospital. There George's new girlfriend is breaking up with "little George", but since the Cubans are fake, the roll the pancakes wrong, and it squirts hot sauce all over little George's face. The Cubans gets fired, little George gets the girl back out of pity, and Elaine gets fired for not liking the movie, and is only saved by going to Tunis by plane, who is hijacked by the fired fake Cubans. Seems unlikely, but it all works! Awesome!
  • A bit decent.

    I have to say that this was actually a decent episode that managed to stay decent with its lack of funny bits that have mad ethe show popular. I thought that this one had some good writing, decent, comedy, and okay plots. I liked George's immaturity against his rival Neil. Elaine was funny as she hated the movie. Jerry was in a pickle with the old farts, while Kramer smuggled his share of illegal immigrants. To be honest, I think that this was really outrageous in a good way and in a bad way. Overall, this was above average. Thank you.
  • One of the funniest episodes ever!

    I loved this episode it was so hilarious! Jerry keeps breaking old guys backs, and it keeps going deeper and deeper into the family so it is so aweomse. George is trying to hook up with this girl and get advice from a mysterious Neil (the girl's boyfriend). It is funny because at first it seems completely obvious that Neil is not real and that the girl is only using "Neil" to date George, but in the end Neil is real and that is what makes it funny. The best part in my opinion is Elaine's part, where everyone likes the movie "The English Patient" but her, making her socially inadequate. It is so funny, because her boyfriend dumps her and her friends that she doesn't even like doesn't like her. In the end she has to go to some desert because she didn't like the movie. It's awesome!