Season 9 Episode 23

The Finale (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 1998 on NBC

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  • one of the

    One of the worst finales ever. Its basically a all star episode, seeing Clips from all the "bad" Things the 4 has done towards everyone else. And they end up convicted and in a jail cell. Bad ending.
  • The End pt1.

    This is the Finale of the series(duh)and I must say I expected more, the first time I saw this was 11 years old and even then I expected more, I mean if this is the Finale to like the best sitcom of all time (I hate friends) then shouldn't we have had something better I mean this is a good episode and it had its good moments like Jerry & Elaine finnaly confessing how they luv eachother but it really culd have done better, to me it just seemed like a normal episode but then that's just my opinion, overall a good episode.
  • The End is coming!

    The final epiosde is one hour long, but it's been cut to two parts for synication reasons. But the final epikosde of "Seinfeld" is much better than the overblown stupid final epiosde of MASH. Two and a half hours of hot air. the final of "Seinfeld" is anything but hot air. The four people in question, Jerry, George, elaine and Krammer are on their way to Paris, but it was landed in lathan mass. where they witness a carjacking involving a fat guy. Before they knew it, they were arrested under the Good Samaritan Law. Part two is the trail and the final goodbye.
  • Pretty good.

    I think this was an above average episode. It was funny and it brought a sense of closure to the entire series. I thought that the writing was okay, the comedy was good, and the acting was decent. There were some really funny moments here and there and I have to say that it was actually better than I thought it would be. My favorite parts were when the gang watched a fat gut get mugged. I thought that they were in big trouble and they should have ran away. They deserved to get caught because of their ignorance. Thank you.
  • Events leading up to the final episode

    The whole "Good Samaritan" law was a bit forced and seemed a little unfair to the characters since they were filming evidence of a crime and if they tried to stop it, who knows what could happen? However, the show has a habit of having bad luck happen to the characters and in this case, the luck is even worse than usual.

    The whole episode spiralling down as it seems their show is picked up and they get a private jet, before the plane goes down and they are takn into court was a great idea but I feel the second part could be done better.
  • Check out my review of part 2

    The story is not very funny, or interesting, it only gets go0d when all the people come to court to testify against the four conspirators, as it were. This episode is hard to watch and difficult to follow, but still has it's moments, the only really funny parts are when the four main people have a discussion, but it is great to see all the guest actors do their thing. Some of the best moments are when they are dining together, but Jackie still thinks he will get them off. Later, after some witnesses, he says to Jerry, "They're real, and spectacular".