Season 9 Episode 24

The Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 1998 on NBC

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  • I thought it was a great way to end the show, cause if they ever want to pick it back up and start again they can.

    I though it was so funny when they watch that fat guy gettin robbyed and they were makin fun of him and then when they playted it back when they were in court it was still funny. I like at the end when they were talkin bout the pirson phone call makes up for all the times u dont call. My fav part was when she was like it is better to rob a fat person cause they cant chase after u. But it was so sad to watch the last epoded. cause u know it was overa it was one of the best shows ever.
  • This really was painful to watch. When it originally aired, we had parties just to watch the Finale. It had its moments, but mostly was not that funny.

    This episode, if you call it that, was not as funny or as well thought out as we are used to. What makes it good though, is the bringing back (trotting out) of all the great guest characters in the series. It seems to me that Jerry (the real Seinfeld) probably wanted to go out with a bang. He must have known it would be watched by a huge audience and therefore made it into a spectacle, rather than a funny episode.
    What made the show great in the first place was it's irreverance, it's daring, and it's willingness to take chances with subject matter that is not necessarily funny.
    The only thing that saved this story is the witnesses (ie; all the great guests). If you take that away, the four main characters don't really do much. In other words, what made the show great is missing here.
    Still, I love it for the reminders of all the characters, and definitely not for the absurd ending.
  • A great end to a boring show.

    I've never really been a real Seinfeld fan. I've watched the occasional episode or 2 whenever I have nothing better to watch and I really haven't laughed at much at any of the storylines.

    The series finale is however another story. This is the first episode of Seinfeld that I truly loved & even had a good laugh.

    I remembered most of the characters that were brought back from previous seasons & I think that was a great idea, having all the bad things that the characters did to them come back & haunt them in court, although I expected Newman to testify as well.

    Having the characters spend a year in jail was a little too much though.
  • just another good episode

    ok people this episode is good because it is the only way larry david couldve bought everyone back for the final episode and you all fail to realise it. he even bought back the virgin and there was no other way to bring her, the bubble boy, etc back was there. so lay down on larry because unless you can write a better episode and fit everyone else who has been on the show. than do it
  • Terrific series, Pathetic ending.

    Seinfeld had such a great run and was always a great show and i had high hopes for the series finale but it was simply awful. The writers had so many great ideas so how did they fail so badly in the last episode. One of the few bad episodes in this series.
  • Good show, sad ending.

    In this two-part finale, the four friends go on a trip in a private NBC jet intended to arrive in France. However, Kramer gets water from the ocean stuck in his ear, and when he stands up and tries to get it out, he causes the jet to almost crash. They are forced to make an emergency landing in some unknown town of Massachusetts. As they get out, Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer see a fat man having his car stolen, but do nothing to help the crime. In fact, they catch it on a video camera and make cracks about his obesity.

    Unfortunately, the gang is arrested for a new "Good Samaritan" law, which charges people for not helping out when they could have. The second part of the finale mostly takes place in the courtroom, where the prosuction brings about many previous Seinfeld characters such as the virgin (from the Contest) and the "Soup Nazi," who show through their dilague what terrible people all of them are. In a surprising ending, the four are convicted and have to serve a year in state prison.

    This ending was very sad, in my opinion, because it's really not something you would normally see in Seinfeld. Sure, a lot of the episodes end where something mildly bad happens, like Jerry losing his car, but having them go to prison seems very uncharacteristic.

    Before the two-part finale, there was a two-part clip show, which was also very uncharacteristic of Seinfeld. So all in all, the last 4 weeks of Seinfeld were very disappointing, even though the finale contained some good material.
  • Series Finale

    To me this wasn't the greatest series finale. I thought they could of put some more effort into the finale. Nothing aganst the wrighters of Seinfeld but they ended way to soon like whats up with ending it off with Jerry George Kramer and Elaine all going of to jail and just ending it right there but at least they ended it like a classic with Jerry's stand up comedy from inside prison just everyone hates it. But Newman gets what he want he gets rid of "Seinfeld"
    "Jerry Seinfeld".

    To A Classic Show!
    Bring Seinfeld Back!

    FinderP ! !
  • Strange, Somewhat Satisfying, Yet Somehow Sad

    And I do NOT mean "cry your eyes out" sad, or even "sniffle" sad. I mean sad as in, "why exactly did they do that?" sad (as well as the obvious "dammit, Seinfeld's over" sad). As always, there are the memorable looks, mannerisms, and quotes that make the show timeless. And the return of Jackie Chiles was a welcome surprise ("The Soup Nazi? You got pet names for everybody?" Hilarious.), although he was not utilized enough in this overly grandiose ending. I think they tried too hard (and half-failed) to deliver a "watercooler" ending (or, for George's sake, a "coffee-maker" ending). And as I've already noted, this was a very strange way to end a series. It is an original concept, but it's not the way to end a milestone sitcom, one of the last of a dying kind (Two and a Half Men? What a joke!). It brought to surface how serious some the previously comedic exploits of our well-known and -loved characters (one glorious example of this is in the flat 'supposed to be funny' line by Susan's parents: "He killed our baby!") On the whole, I wish it could have ended differently, because frankly, I feel like it just can't be over.
  • I think it was an almost perfect ending.

    For all that say this was a bad ending to a great show, they are somewhat wrong. Seinfeld ended its great run in the same fashion as when it began: odd, not like all the others, against the grain. This is what made it possibly the greatest TV show of all time. This is the reason that we never actually know if Elaine did or did not always love jerry. this is the reason there were 2 totally different episode endings. A "Regular" show would have had the two love interests fall for each other, be voted not guilty, and live happily ever after. this is what is "Normal". The finale was not normal, and neither was Seinfeld. this is always how it will, and should be.
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