Season 9 Episode 24

The Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 1998 on NBC

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  • Not the worst episode, but not the best, either. It was OK.

    They are in court, being testified against by all the people they did wrong to. They are sentenced to jail, and Jerry and George have a conversation about the placement of the button on George's shirt (like in the pilot epsode), and they recall having this conversation before.It was a good way to end season 9, not the entire series. They HAVE to make at least 1 more episode, for the sake of Seinfeld fans everywhere. I do like the fact that it wasn't ended COMPLETELY, and if they did make a 10th season, they had room to. Goodbye Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine, we'll miss you.