Season 9 Episode 24

The Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 1998 on NBC

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  • The perfect resolution for the show. Read on...

    Sadly, a great number of people have worked themselves into frenzies of negativity over the conclusion to this legendary series. This response is clearly a reaction to the overwhelming sadness they have felt at seeing characters, to whom they have formed a close emotional attachment, go to jail. Such feelings might be recognised as parallel to those of a parent or other relative who sees their child or relation being taken away and locked up; I mean burning injustice, anger, denial.

    Seinfeld, however, is a TV show, not real life. Moreover, it is not even a regular TV show (like Friends for example), in which we dote on beautiful, funny, kind, sensitive and slightly quirky people. No, Seinfeld is quite different, and it is different for the following reason: the characters in Seinfeld are terrible people. Now I'm not saying I don't identify with them - I do, and quite frequently - but frankly, I'm not a great person myself. The fact is that the 'heroes' of Seinfeld tend to show concern for others only when their own reputations are at stake or if they stand to lose in some way by keeping their distance. And when things don't turn out well despite their best efforts, they can always brush it off with a joke and a shrug of the shoulders. Viewers only complain about the finale because they have become blind to the characters' faults. The writers realised that the only fitting way to end the series was to send Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer to jail, a punishment they deserve, and thereby to send out a message to their viewers that we should not strive to act or behave like these people. Do not regard them as role models; they serve rather, as a critique of particular strata of society, the members of which can be prone to an ugly self-absorption and arrogance (and don't conclude that I have a chip on my shoulder - I myself come from one of the aforementioned strata).

    As for the show itself, the idea was original and well developed, the jokes were up to their usual standard and ultimately, I very much enjoyed what was a profoundly appropriate conclusion to the series and to the stories of those characters which I too love so much.
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