Season 3 Episode 16

The Fix-Up

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 1992 on NBC

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  • Terrible episode.

    I have nothing good to say about this episode. It made me quite sick. I thought that everything was so predictable and ridiculous that I just had to give it a bad rating. The plot made no sense, the writing was bad, and the comedy was almost non-existent. My opinion of the storyline is that it was absolutely pointless. It is a good thing that this was one of the rare bad episodes and that there are more good ones that terrible ones. Overall, I have to say that this episode was a complete waste of time and was very boring. Thank you.
  • 317

    Seinfeld was a brilliant show from the pilot to the credits during the finale, but it was not a completely perfect show: there were a few episodes that while good, were less than stellar and this was one of them.

    The guest star Maggie Wheeler was not bad and I think this show could have benefited from another female at least in a recurring role, but the premise was pretty dumb. It was also weird the scenery and the outfits just did not scream Seinfeld. George in a bathrobe? Elaine randomly painting? This had some funny moments, but it just did not feel like the greatest show ever.
  • i like this!

    One of the better earlier episodes.
  • jerry and elaine send george on a blind date with one of elaines friends, the fix-up seems to work out until elaines friend misses her period.

    great episode, very well writen its classic seinfeld this kind of episodes make the show survive the earley days. alot of classic moments:my boys can swim, i think after larry david and jerry seinfeld larry charles was the best writer in the show, he truly deserve that emmy for this episode, i dont know why but kramer handing condons its so funny and well ... so kramer and the part when elaine is describing george waas also really funny, overall season 3 is great i am sorry for my english because i am still learning i have to say it one more time : MY BOYS CAN SWIM
  • Maggie Wheeler guest stars!

    Maggie Wheeler from Friends guests stars in this riveting episode. Will George have a real relationship, after all these years? It seems like it when he has sex with his fix-up with defective condoms,k and then Cynthia misses her period so now it seems lie George and Cynthia will be together forever. Meanwhile Kramer is the one who gives out the defective condoms while Jerry & Elaine argue about disclosure, they seem like they are going to be together but at the end, when George eats like a pig, you know it is going to be over, oh well it was nice while it lasted;
  • About this episode

    In spite of the subject matter, (sexual content) I could find humor in the storyline, as much we find the subject to be uncomfortable in our society can relate to the experience.