Season 7 Episode 18

The Friars Club

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 1996 on NBC

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  • Silly but funny

    I think that the funniest from this was Elaine. She would do anything to proove something from someone, like in this case, this guy who she thinks pretends to be deaf.
    I loved it when she´s at his office behind him telling him sexy phrases. But then... Peterman hears her and his reaction is hilarious. So he tells her that they should go out on a date, unless of course she was making fun of his handicap, because that would be a reason to fire someone!!! Hahaha, the things he says. And then, at the end when Jerry and George try to escape, Elaine pays what she did to the poor deaf guy.
  • Nothing Great.

    Jerry wants to be in the friars club Elaine think a coworker is faking being deaf Kramer to sleep like Leonardo Da Vinci and George is happy the he can double date with jerry because he is dating Susan’s cousin this over all episode is funny I liked the way Kramer wakes up Jerry in the middle of the night because of his new sleep pattern and Jerry losing the jacket that belongs to the friars club was a basic storyline I thought it was nothing great over the episode was a funny episode but not a Seinfeld classic the end