Season 9 Episode 18

The Frogger

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 1998 on NBC

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  • incredible episode

    We get to know that George was the best ever Frogger player. To this day his fake score has never been topped, even by real players. We get to see a highscore list on a machine that doesnt have one. Its all hysterical, and Jerry's girl trouble as always, and Kramer's questionable friends, and of course Elaine's stupidty. Everything that made up a great Seinfeld episode.
  • A great episode.

    This is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. I don't know how they thought this one up, bu I have to say that the writers did very well. The writng was great, the comedy was top-notch, the story was hilarious, and it was very entertaining. I especially enjoyed the scene where Jerry and George return to a pizza place they used to hang out at. It looked like a typical pizza place. The thing is that George wanted the frogger and it was going to be hard to take it out as the place was leaving and going out of business. Overall, I have to say that this had some of the best entertainment of any Seinfeld episode. Thank you.
  • What an awesome episode! :D

    Jerry's part in this episode was absolutely lovely. The whole mad lib thing was hilarious, and it took ten hours to break up with his girlfriend. And when he wanted to break up, the serial killer in the night stopped him! Hilarious, I loved it absolutely.

    Elaine eats Peterman's cake by mistake but it was a very valuable cake, and in the end she got caught in the act after she tried to replace it. I loved how she practically got high off of it. Poor Elaine, so much suffering.

    George trying to transport the frogger machine was awesome, I thought it really picked up at the end hah hah, the whole frogger thing.

    I loved this episode! :)
  • This is why I watch this show

    This is why I watch Seinfeld. The way the stories connect is fascinating. So Jerry dates a girl who likes to finish everyone´s sentences. George is trying to save a "frogger" because his score is still unbeaten after so many years. The scene at the restaurant with George and the other two guys is so funny. They´re so dumb! Elaine on the other hand needs sugar and eats a valuable piece of cake that belongs to Mr. Peterman. All the lines in this episode are very original and believable. Kramer explaining Jerry about the murders and then Jerry breaking up with his girlfriend is something to watch. Definetely one of the best episodes.
  • Game Over!

    This episode is about George falling in love with his frogger a game that he played many years ago and now he wants that game. the problem is he wants his high score, so he must have help from people that knows how to move the game and maintain the score, and that won't be easy. I love the ending as George tries to move the frogger across the street. Meanwhile Elaine, ate a piece of cake that went back to a wedding in the year 1936 and after hearing it, her boss Mr. Peterman said that eating the cake is punishment enough. A 10.
  • I dono if its so obvious that nobody mentioned it,but did you guys notice that the mechanics were the same mechanics (the russians) who tried to give Jerry illegal cable in the Baby Shower. Nobody has mentioned it. just thought i throw it in there.

    better than usual. what bothered me about this however is the unfinished plots. Kramer and his head chopper guy just fill in as a reason for Jerry\'s subplot. Usually the writers are able to finish all the subplots and interweve them, rather than using them as vehicles for each other. they work off each other, but also finish on their own as well. this left me wondering. also, Elain\'s subplot was also not very well defined. was not really that interesting. But overall, the frogger subplot brought this episode back to life and turned it into a classic. especially the ending.