Season 6 Episode 21

The Fusilli Jerry

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 1995 on NBC

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  • personal favorite, next to all the rest of the episodes

    i love all the Seinfeld episodes but this is one fo my faves. this episode is hilarious all the tlak about stealing moves is so funny Jerry Stiller is so funny on this show as Georges dad Frank the way he says the lines like "I'LL SHOW YOU ASSMAN" when hes yelling at kramer. one of my favorite episdoes.

    The Fussilli EROK
  • Kramer is the Man

    Well well, this episode may have nothing special, but Kramer is the man. I can´t believe a character so ordinary can turn into something important for the show. I mean, the fact that he doesn´t have a job fits perfectly in the answer he gives Jerry when he asks when he did the fusilli Jerry. When did you do it? "In my spare time", come on!!! He has all the time in the world! And then the best... He turns to George and says that he´s working on one for him and he´s using ravioli!!! Oh my God. I hadn´t laughed so much and so hard in a long time. This is the best thing to watch before going to bed.