Season 6 Episode 21

The Fusilli Jerry

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Technically, Puddy wasn't using Jerry's "move" at all. When confronted he tells Jerry that he'd been doing the move before he even met Jerry -- that all Jerry added was "the swirl". Jerry doesn't dispute that and adds that "the swirl" is the whole thing. If Puddy does a "pinch" at the end, then Jerry contributed nothing. It is of additional interest that Elaine couldn't have thought much of the move since as we learn in "The Mango" (Season 5) Elaine never had an orgasm while going with Jerry.

    • Earlier in the episode, Frank stops in to get his mail, and Estelle brags that Kramer made a pass at her. She tells him to take his mail and go home, implying that he is staying elsewhere. However, at the end of the episode, after Frank leaves the proctologist's office, George brings him back to the house, and Estelle starts raving about how worried she was that he hadn't come home yet.

      NOTE: When Frank arrives, Estelle says, "Where have you been, you were supposed to fix the stove!" In other words, he has not "come home", he is only there for that one purpose.

    • At the start of the episode, Jerry comments that David Puddy is his friend, and should have asked Jerry's permission before asking Elaine out. However, throughout the rest of the series there is no evidence that Jerry and Puddy are friends. It seems that they only know each other casually through Elaine.

    • At the end of the show, it seems that Kramer was right in assuming that the Assman was a proctologist. However, if he really were a proctologist, the license plate would also have an MD symbolon the left side.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: You know what a good mechanic is worth? You can't compare that to sex.

    • Kramer: Have you ever met a proctologist? They usually have a very good sense of humor. You meet a proctologist at a party, don't walk away. Plant yourself there because you will hear the funniest stories you've ever heard. See, no one wants to admit to them that they stuck something up there. Never. It's always an accident. Every proctologist story ends in the same way… 'It was a million to one shot, doc, million to one.'

    • Kramer: It's Fusilli Jerry! It's made from fusilli pasta. See the microphone?
      Jerry: When did you do this?
      Kramer: In my spare time. You know, I'm working on one of you George. I'm using ravioli. See, the hard part is to find a pasta that captures the individual.
      Jerry: Why fusilli?
      Kramer: Because you're silly. Get it?

    • George: (about pleasuring his girlfriend) Give me a moan, something. I'd settle for a belch, for God's sake.

    • Jerry: We were in the garage. You know how garages are. They're conducive to sex talk. It's a high testosterone area.

    • George: (to his Mother) I think we really need to be in front of the television set. You take TV out of this relationship, it is just torture.

    • Jerry: Elaine, you always care who an ex-girlfriend dates. You don't want it to be someone you know, and you don't want it to be someone better than you. Now, even though the latter's obviously impossible, the former still applies.

    • George: So, did you get your new plates?
      Kramer: Oh…yeah. I got my new plates. But they mixed them up. Somebody got mine and I got their "vanity" plates.
      George: What do they say?
      Kramer: Assman.
      Jerry: Assman?
      Kramer: Yeah, Assman, Jerry. I'm Cosmo Kramer: the Assman!

    • Nancy: Ow! George, what are you doing?
      George: You know…pleasuring you.
      Nancy: Well stop it!
      George: You don't like the move?
      Nancy: No, I don't. It feels like aliens poking at my body.

    • Jerry: I just can't see you with a mechanic.
      Elaine: Oh, yeah. Right, right. All those mechanics do is work all day with their hands and their big muscular arms on machines, and then they come home dripping with animal sexuality like Stanley Kowalski. What a huge turn-off that is.

    • Jerry: I took her to this other place. I think they might be trying to screw me.
      George: Well, of course they're trying to screw you. What do you think? That's what they do. They can make up anything. Nobody knows. (imitates mechanic) "By the way, you need a new Johnson rod in there." (imitates customer) "Oh, a Johnson rod. Yeah, well, you better put one of those on."

    • George: Mom! Don't cry!
      Estelle: (crying) I can't help it.
      George: Mom! Your eyes!
      Estelle: Oooh!

    • Kramer: (reading from a note left on his car with the ASSMAN plates) Call me. 36-24-46. I think I have what you're looking for.

    • Jerry: (about David Puddy) So he stole my move, and he's using it on Elaine.
      George: You told David Puddy your move and you didn't tell me? I need a move. You know I have no moves, Jerry! I can't believe you're hoarding sex moves. I'm out there rubbing two sticks together while you're walking around with a Zippo!

    • Frank: I worked out with a dumbbell today. I feel vigorous!

    • Driver: (to Kramer driving by with Estelle) The Assman's in town!

    • George: (to his mother re-entering the dating scene) You're not 'out there.' I'm out there, and if I see you out there, there isn't enough voltage in the universe to electroshock me back into coherence.

    • Frank: (to the proctologist) A million-to-one shot, Doc, million-to-one.

    • DMV lady: Cosmo Kramer. You are the Assman.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Elaine: All those mechanics do is work all day with their hands and their big muscular arms on machines, and then they come home dripping with animal sexuality like Stanley Kowalski.

      This is an allusion to Stanley Kowalski, the character in Tennessee William's play "A Streetcar Named Desire." He was most famously portrayed by Marlon Brando in the 1951 film adaptation.

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