Season 5 Episode 3

The Glasses

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the second mention of Kramer's friend Bob Saccamano. The first was in season three's "The Heart Attack".

    • Elaine calls Kramer a "hipster doofus". This is the same name Kramer says he was called by the handicapped woman in Season 4's The Handicap Spot." Oddly, in that episode, Elaine wasn't present when Kramer shared the story with Jerry and George.

    • One of the very few early episodes where the bike hanging in hallway is a blue/silver cannondale, instead of the notorious green klein. Also there is a picture behind this bike, and there is usually a bookshelf behind the klein.

  • Quotes

    • George: I gotta get out of this city.
      Jerry: So you're tunneling to the center of the earth?

    • Kramer: (to the optometrist) You wouldn't even have any teeth if it wasn't for me taking you over to Joe's Fruit Stand and stuffing cantaloupe down your throat!

    • Jerry: (to George) I don't know what to believe. You're eatin' onions, you're spottin' dimes, I don't know what the hell is going on!

    • George: I was spottin' those raccoons…
      Jerry: They were mailboxes, you idiot. I didn't have the heart to tell you.

    • Elaine: (looking out Jerry's window) Do you ever spit on anybody from here?

    • Kramer: Retail is for suckers.

    • George: I'm at the health club, and while I'm in the pool, some guy walks off with my glasses. Who steals prescription glasses?
      Elaine: You don't have an old pair?
      George: I broke 'em playing basketball.
      Jerry: He was running from a bee.

    • Jerry: Who picked these out?
      George: I did.
      Jerry: They're ladies glasses. You know all you need is that little chain around your neck so you can wear them while you're playing Canasta.

    • Jerry: (to George) We're behind you, AquaBoy! God speed!

    • Dwayne: Who said anything about a discount?
      Kramer: Ooh, how quickly we forget. You owe me buddy.
      Dwayne: For what?
      Kramer: (takes out candy bar) Remember this?
      Dwayne: What are you doing?
      Kramer: Six months ago you were eating four of those for breakfast and chasing it with a Ring Ding! And two Butterfingers on the train. Sound familiar?

    • Elaine: I've got such a headache. Oh, that's another symptom!
      Kramer: Of what?
      Jerry: Rabies.
      Kramer: Oh that's fatal, you don't want that!
      Elaine: I know I don't want it! I don't need you to tell me what I don't want, you stupid, hipster doofus!

    • Jerry: (About George's lady's frames) I don't know what to tell you Elton.

    • Kramer: (to George) May I have one of those, Madam?

    • (After setting the air conditioner in the open window.)
      Kramer: Installed.

    • Kramer: I think it got the dog!

    • Elaine: Is this going to hurt?
      Doctor: Yes, very much.

    • Jerry: (to Amy) Well let's cut the bull, sister!

    • Elaine: That's it? I don't need a shot?
      Doctor: Not shot, dog bite.
      Elaine: No, no, no. I know I wasn't shot. Do I need a shot?
      Doctor: Not shot, dog bite. Woof woof; not bang-bang.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode of the series to be dedicated to the memory of someone.

    • This is the only episode where Jerry's cousin Jeffrey affects a storyline.

    • On the Season 5 DVD, there is a deleted scene in which Amy, ironically, actually is making out with Jerry's cousin Jeffrey.

    • Rance Howard (Ron Howard's father) who plays the blind man in this episode, returns in Season 7 as the farmer in "The Bottle Deposit (2)".

    • This is the first episode written by legendary Seinfeld writers: Tom Gammill and Max Pross.

    • George is eating Rold Gold pretzels, Jason Alexander at that point was doing commericals for Rold Gold pretzels! Nice "inside" sight gag by the writers and producers.

    • Jerry says that he is getting a Commando 8 air conditioner. This name would be reused in The Shower Head (#126) when Kramer buys the Commando 5000 shower head.

    • Dedicated "In Memory of our Friend John Oteri". John was one of the production assistants on the previous seasons.

  • Allusions

    • Jerry: "It's Howdy Doody time".
      Kramer: "Right this way, Mr. Doody".

      Jerry's line was used in the children's show Howdy Doody.

      Kramer's line was made popular by co-creator Larry David on the show Fridays.

    • George spotting a dime on the far side of Jerry's apartment and then picking it up to prove he can see without glasses, alludes to a scene in "The Great Escape" (1963): Colin Blythe, "The Forger" (Donald Pleasence), is nearly blind, so stages a deception wherein he spots and then picks up a pin to prove he can see well enough to participate in the escape.