Season 7 Episode 10

The Gum

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 1995 on NBC

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  • The Gum

    This was the perfect episode to show somebody just what Seinfeld really is all about. All the storylines being intertwined and coming together at the end, and the dialogue of every scene being oh so important.

    This saw the return of the great character of Lloyd Braun. While he certainly was no Joe Devola, this was still an excellent guest character, one of many, on Seinfeld.

    It may not have been the funniest Seinfeld ever, but this was a perfectly written and perfectly acted episode. Definitely worth viewing in syndication or on TBS. Make sure you see this one, you won't regret it!
  • Another good episode.

    I felt so sorry for all of the people in this episode. George is thought on as crazy because of a lot of bad incidents that happen to him, and this lady keeps thinking he is a negative wreck or something. Elaine I felt really sorry for, because she was getting molested by some freak guy and its because of a lot of coincidents it's so painful to watch. I really felt sorry for her in this episode. When I saw Jerry with the glasses with those big lens, I sat there dumbfounded. But then again, a lot of people would look kinda funny in those glasses. Well good episode I liked how it was all tied together to make a well written story.
  • Hilarious episode.

    This was a great episode. I must say that it wasn't at all boring during a single minute of the show. Kramer wanted to run a movie theater and failed to run it well. At the same time, Kramer's friend was on the recovery from an illness and he wanted to boost his confidence. Jerry ended up buying 100 dollars worth of gum because he was wearing glasses he didn't need to wear. Elaine was in trouble because her shirt got wet and was leading Kramer's friend to believe that she liked him. Overall it was a great episode with some funny bits here and there. Thank you.
  • 'Seinfeld' was a great show for many reasons, but its greatest strength has been the ability to take several different plot threads, each strong in their own way, and tie them neatly together and resolve them perfectly. 'The Gum' was a great example of th

    This episode defines the very reason why I was a huge fan of this show. What set 'Seinfeld' apart from every other comedian-fronted show of its time was it's ability to give each character on the show equal time and quality stories, rather than just making them revolve around the star. It was never just about Jerry, but each cast member played an important and hilarious part in every episode, and 'The Gum' was one of the best. This was an example of when the series worked and the reasons why the show became so popular. Not only are each characters plotlines ingenious on their own, but the way each thread ties into the other was incredibly clever. The series did suffer from losing some creative steam near the end of its run, but 'The Gum' was an episode that hearkened back to their greater earlier shows. One of my faveourite episodes ever!
  • Gum

    In the Seinfeld episode called The Gum Kramer re-opens a old movie theater a friend of Kramer’s has some gum that he think everyone should try George think a cashier short changed him Jerry must wear classes because Elaine told Lloyd a lie and because he cant see jerry gives him $100.00 to buy some of the gum everyone should try my favorite storyline is the George storyline with the cashier and when he runs into the cashier and she said the only line I think she ever said which is very very very funny is classic also Tom Gammill and Max Pross do a great job at writing the episode that is all the end
  • Kramer restores an old theater, George is believed to be crazy by an old friend, Elaine is unknowing acting sexy, and Jerry gets a pair of glasses and has some adventures.

    This was a very good episode. The whole thing seems to all go back to Lloyd Braun. Everybody interacts with him because he has been taken under Kramer’s wing after he got out of being in an institution for a nervous breakdown he had. Kramer thinks that when people mention words like crazy or insane that Lloyd is going to instantly snap and in turn go crazy himself….again.

    It all starts out pretty innocent when Elaine tries to avoid Lloyd, but that little action attributes to what happens to everyone else throughout the show. She tells Lloyd that Jerry wears glasses and loses a button which gives her a lot of attention.

    Jerry is hilarious when he has on that second pair of glasses. They remind me of what Harry Carey used to wear or at least the glasses that Will Farrell wore when he would play him on SNL. They are such a strong prescription that he cannot see anything out of them, this was some great stuff. I love that sort of humor.

    I think the best part was George in this one. He swears that he paid the coffee shop with a 20 dollar bill, but was incorrectly given change back and the old woman keeps showing up everywhere. Along with this obsession, dressing as King Henry, and his car catching on fire his old neighborhood friend thinks he is crazy and he shows all of the symptoms.
  • Top 5 all time

    ...Not just of the series, but of TV comedy history. This is comedy writing executed perfectly. The way the pieces of the puzzle fall into place throughout the intertwining storylines was second to none at the time, and really does not have a match to this day. Seinfeld was a blessing to American TV, and its influence is everywhere (whether people want to admit it or not). And The Gum may provide the best example of this.
  • 710

    This is what makes Seinfeld: Seinfeld! All the story lines came together perfectly, I really don't know where to start. From the woman thinking that George had a disorder to Elaine's constant run-ins with Lloyd Braun and making it seem like she wants him without doing anything.

    I loved how Elaine told the man to stop with the hose which was the reason George couldn't get his car's fire to go out. And Jerry having to pretend to wear glasses to go with Elaine's lie which results in him getting one hundred dollars worth of gum.

    We got a fantastic payoff to show for all the random story lines. This episode had everything: great writing, fantastic acting, and an amazingly well-thought out story line. Seinfeld has done it again! Nice to see Seinfeld hasn't lost "it" after seven years of being on the air. Great episode.
  • Elaine accidentally flirts with recently institutionalized Lloyd Braun and Jerry accidentally orders $100 worth of gum that he doesn't even like very much. George is a victim of circumstance and is perceived as crazy.

    One of the most intricate and well-written episodes in the entire series. The viewer is constantly bounced back and forth between storylines that at first seem unrelated but become very intricately woven by the episode's end. This is typical of Seinfeld, however, this episode more than most represents the series. The viewer is continually cracking up immensely due to the continued ways in which George is perceived as crazy. This episode in one in which George steals the show, even if it is named after the gum, involving Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and Lloyd Braun. Without question one of my all-time favourite episodes in the entirity of the series. Makes you want to stand up and applaud at the episode's end.
  • The Private Life of Cosmo Krammer.

    Like I said before, never a dull moment in Seinfeld's neighborhood. "The Gum," has plenty to chrew on. For starter's Cosmo Krammer is acting like a film historian when the Alex is re-open and showing "The Private Life of King Henry VIII." Meanwhile, George the cashier who shortchanged himn $20.00! And what's more, his car, which is owned by John Voight catches fire. Probaby one of the worst days in his life of that bald-headed nerd. Meanwhile, Lloyd enters the gang's life. He had a breakdown and his presence is affecting the mood of Jerry who had to war eyeglasses around hima nd Elaine, who won't have anything with him. I like the Alex theatre. What's the next movie, "Dinner at Eight?"