Season 2 Episode 8

The Heart Attack

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1991 on NBC

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  • Seinfelds First Truly Funny Episode

    When viewing the entire Seinfeld series in syndication, many of the very early episodes come off as weak and difficult to watch. The characters are under-developed, the pacing is awkwardly slow, and the overall comedy style is very different. It seems that the series creators were playing it safe, opting for a more conventional romantic comedy feel rather than the zany and madcap tone that eventually defined the program. Plots usually involved the trials and tribulations of Jerrys love life. The lead characters were a bit more adult, and conversely, less funny. Stories revolved around vaguely amusing ironic situations, but rarely broke into so-called laugh out loud territory. Episode number thirteen, The Heart Attack, changed all of that.

    The Heart Attack was truly the beginning of the definitive Seinfeld style. The humor became more quirky, faster-paced, and loaded with warped non sequitir. We finally started seeing Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer as four immature and self-centered individuals whose personality flaws translated into some highly appealing, if less-than-likeable, characters.

    The episode is loaded with Seinfeld and friends oddly hilarious personality tics. Jerry obsesses over an obscure line in a bad science fiction film. George insists upon calculating the tip to the penny, even while experiencing chest pains. Elaine rather transparently gold-digs a handsome young doctor who turns out to have a very kinky fetish. Kramer recommends a medicine man of questionable credentials whose treatments cause more harm than good.

    In fact, the best scene involves George, Kramer, and Jerry visiting this so-called holistic healer. As the dubious doc, played by Steven Toblowsky, uses incredibly bizarre methods to examine the ailing Costanza, we hear Jerrys thoughts--a continuous string of insultive one-liners. The scene ends with a hysterically disastrous non-sequitir, setting the stage for the rest of the series.

    The Heart Attack is not without its faults. Like most early episodes, the pacing lags in spots and many jokes bomb. However, it was the first installment to truly set the warped and wacky style that Seinfeld fans would come to know and love.
  • Funny stuff.

    Wow, this was a good episode. For a plot that was basically one sided throughout the episode, it managed to stay entertaining and also fresh. I especially enjoyed the storyline of George in the hospital. It was quite funny to see him act like a baby and to try to milk his "condition" for as much as possible. Elaine was also funny as she tried to get a doctor's attention. She failed at the end, but certainly tried. My favorite part of the episode had to be where George is visited by Kramer and gets scared because of the fear put in him by Kramer. Thank you.
  • Seinfeld Review

    This review may contain Spoilers This episode of Seinfeld is funny because the storyline is really good and not dull and boring and all of the jokes in the episode are also funny George thinks he had a heart attack and end up at the hospital Jerry thinks of a joke in his sleep but can not remember it the next day the rest of the George story other means of treatment so he does have to pay the hospital bill and things go badly from there and Jerry figures out the joke wasn't funny at all over all a good episode the end
  • George thinks he's having a heart attack and Kramer takes him to a "hollistic" healer which of course causes further problems. Elaine dates a fetishist doctor.

    A great episode! The scene with Tor, when they are all sitting on the floor and he talks about hot and cold water is hilarious. Also, George yelling "I'm an eggplant!" and Larry David with "flaming balls of Sigmund" had me rolling on the floor. This was Larry David's 1st appearance on the show, I believe.
    Elaine's doctor is a little too weird, though. The tongue scene didn't really do it for me.
    I also remember Kramer and his conspiracy theory while sitting on George's hospital bed. Classic Kramer (I think he mentions Bob Saccamento in this sspeech)!
    If you have the DVD for this season, check out the bloopers!
  • One of the Funniest Episodes...

    What a funny episode. It´s amazing how the characters are defined very early in the series. George is such a coward. The first scene at the hospital is hilarious! He even calls his mommy! I loved how his friends know how coward he is and take advantage of it. Elaine coming in and saying "is anybody getting your apartment?" Hahaha, if I were an actress and I could choose a character to play, I´d choose Elaine Benes.

    I can´t believe the trio trying to get a cheaper way for a cure to George. This could ony come from their weird minds. And I love Kramer. He has so many friends and yet no one has sees them.