Season 2 Episode 8

The Heart Attack

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1991 on NBC

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  • George thinks he's having a heart attack and Kramer takes him to a "hollistic" healer which of course causes further problems. Elaine dates a fetishist doctor.

    A great episode! The scene with Tor, when they are all sitting on the floor and he talks about hot and cold water is hilarious. Also, George yelling "I'm an eggplant!" and Larry David with "flaming balls of Sigmund" had me rolling on the floor. This was Larry David's 1st appearance on the show, I believe.
    Elaine's doctor is a little too weird, though. The tongue scene didn't really do it for me.
    I also remember Kramer and his conspiracy theory while sitting on George's hospital bed. Classic Kramer (I think he mentions Bob Saccamento in this sspeech)!
    If you have the DVD for this season, check out the bloopers!