Season 7 Episode 5

The Hot Tub

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1995 on NBC

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  • Elaine struggles to write her article for the catalogue; George reveals his secret for looking busy at work, Kramer gets a hot tub, and Jerry gets very uncomfortable with the sleeping arrangements for Jean-Paul (a marathon runner who overslept at the Barc

    George tells Jerry and Elaine that instead of really doing work he just looks frustrated and his boss thinks he is always busy. When his pen does not work his boss tells him that he may be working too hard and so he tells him to meet up with some guys from Houston to work out some deals. This is where he finds out that every other work out of their mouths is SOB and bastard. This quickly gets passed onto Jean-Paul who later is kicked out of Elaine’s building because he calls her neighbors baby a bastard baby!

    Kramer gets a hot tub for his place but the furnace he has goes out on him. He fell asleep in the water (which dropped to a very low temperature) and for the rest of the show he struggles to get his core temperature back to normal.

    When Jean-Paul is kicked out of Elaine’s building Jerry comes to his rescue. Jerry gets Jean-Paul a hotel room, but when he calls the front desk for a wake-up call he does not like the attitude that he gets from the desk attendant so Jerry brings him back to his place to stay. Elaine comes home expecting to see Jean-Paul there but it turns out that he is not there. She starts walking the streets looking for him and this is where she finally comes up with something to write about in the catalogue.

    It turns out that Kramer’s new industrial sized furnace has too much power and he blows the power out in the whole building. This causes Jean-Paul to wake up late. Jerry quickly gets him to the race which he is still allowed to run in. With one mile to go he is leading the pack. Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer are there cheering him on. Kramer has hot tea in a cup just like the ones that are being given out with water in them. Jean-Paul accidentally grabs Kramer’s cut and although we do not see it we can hear by the screams that he must shower himself with it and burns himself. George gets called into Steinbrenner’s office and he makes George get in a hot tub with him to alleviate all the “stress” that work has been causing.

    This one has pretty good jokes. I liked how Jean-Paul seemed to fit right in with Jerry and the crew. This is not the best from Seinfeld, but it is up there with some of the great episodes!
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