Season 4 Episode 19

The Implant

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1993 on NBC

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  • Excuse me TIMMY!!!!

    This is one of the most BRILLIANT and subliminal episodes in Television history. The obvious Jokes are with CIDRA Theyre real and they're spectacular the FUnniest and most culturally significant scene is with George at the funeral. George attempts to "DOUBLE DIP" a enrages one of the "younger" patrons at the funeral. "What did you just DOUPLE DIPPED THAT CHIP--It;s like putting your whole mouth in the dip. " refers to him as "TIMMY!!!" one of the greatest lines in TV history. It is both a biting dig at the guys "age" but more importantly at his "level of intelligence as TIMMY is well known code word for "mentally challenged" BRILLIANT!! You Dip the way YOU want I'll Dip...
  • You doubled dipped the chip!

    Great line! Eating potato chips will never be the same.
  • Season 4 continues.

    Season 4 may arguably be the best season ever of Seinfeld and this was yet another great installment during that year. This episode was responsible for yet another quote that became synonymous with pop culture: "They're real and they're spectacular" and you just have to wonder how one show changed the world so much.

    This episode had so many great gags from being able to spot a lesbian too, to investigative journalism to Sal Bass. You just do not get much funnier than this show and anybody who thinks Seinfeld is not the best comedy ever is only lying to themselves.
  • This episode is just amazing, with two great plots, and a small sub-plot. This is easily one of the best episodes in season four.

    "The Implant" is a wonderful Seinfeld episode. This is an episode that gave Seinfeld 2 famous phrases, "There real and there spectacular". And "You double-diped a chip!". This starts in a health club where Elaine tells Jerry that his girlfriend's breasts' have implants in them, hence the title. Upon hearing this Jerry can't wait to find out. He then sends Elaine to spy on her and see how they look. Elaine tells Jerry and then he breaks up with her.Elaine meets Jerry's girlfriend again in a sauna, trips and falls into her breasts', she then tells Jerry her breasts' are real so they get back together. Watch the episode to see the rest. On George's and Kramer's side, George's girlfriend has not had sex with him and they have been out nine times! After a relative of George's girlfriend has a death in the family George goes to the funerial beacuse it would count as "like 10 dates". George and Kramer say they have a death in the family to get a big discount on plane tickets to Detroit, where the funerial takes place. He then must get the death certificat so he gets the discount. Just as he is about to get he "double-dips" a chip and is thrown out. See the episode for the rest.
  • "There real, and they're spectacular!"

    This episode is a definite classic. Jerry asks Elaine to see if Sidra's chest is real. Meanwhile George travels to see if he can go on second base with his girlfriend, but it only makes things worse. When Timmy ruins it by starting a commotion cause George double dips. I like how George is so cheap, he would lie to fake a death of a loved one just so he can get half off on a plane ticket. I like how in the end, Sidra proves that they are definitely real. Must suck for Jerry. I do not get the Salman storyline.
  • Jerry breaks up with Sidra (Teri Hatcher) because Elaine tells him that her breasts are fake, but later finds out that they are real, and taunts Jerry. They get back together, but Sidra leaves Jerry when she finds out that he dated Elaine. George goes to

    This is a great example of the Seinfled obsession with Superman. First of all, it guest-stars Teri Hatcher, who played Lois Lane in \"Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman\". In the beginning, Jerry tells Elaine to \"do some investigative journalism\" which of course is the job of Lois Lane. Another reference to Superman, of course, Elaine asking, in the sauna \"Is he obsessed with Superman?\" And, as usual by this time in the life of seinfeld, there is the Superman fridge magnet and also the Superman action figure on the shelf. Great episode overall, and great tribute to Superman.
  • The Double Dip episode

    To have 2 very funny stories going on at the same time is a bonus. The implants alone would be hysterical enough. Especially when Elaine accidently falls into them. But you see alot of people asking, "Which is the double-dip episode?" Well, here it is. I think this changed the way people dipped their chips everywhere.
  • This episode is great. It always cracks me up, particularly the last line..."They're real, and they're spectacular!" Classic Seinfeld!

    The Implant is most definitely Classic Seinfeld. I love how shallow Jerry is in this episode. It's so funny how low he stoops! He breaks up with women for the most random and bizarre reasons. Love how Elaine tries to help out and ends up accidentally feeling up Jerry's now-ex girlfriend to see if her breasts are real. It's pure comedy. George lets Kramer convince him to try to get a "Death in the Family Fare." Not even sure if these really exist? But it's funny to watch anyhow. And of course, the last line in the show is what cracks me up the most: "They're real, and they're spectacular!"