Season 2 Episode 3

The Jacket

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1991 on NBC

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  • Highlight from the Second Season

    In this episode; Jerry buys a classy suede jacket before a big meeting with Elaine's intimidating novelist father. When Elaine doesn't show up; Jerry and George spend a painful amount of time with the scary Alton Benes until it's time to leave up then it starts snowing and with Jerry's jacket being suede.........

    As far as plot goes; this episode is very skeletal with the episode revolving around Jerry and George being stuck with the tough guy until Elaine finally arrives; her story of why she was so late would've made for a fine sub - plot but it was only told through the fleeting words of Elaine as so many of her stories have been in the early seasons.

    The episode is definitely funny with Kramer stealing the few scenes he's in, the running gag of George and the song "Master of the House" but overall watching the triangle of terror between Elaine's Dad, Jerry and George is side - splitting. If none of that appeals to you then you can take time in guessing exactly what the price of the jacket was; their reactions to it should give you some clues.

    This episode is jam - packed with good performances; Jerry and George give convincingly terrified performances (apparently their fear was genuine as Lawrence Tierney was a threatening presence on set) and do a great comedy duo - type routine. Lawrence Tierney appears slightly uncomfortable in the show as comedy was never his thing but after a few minutes you mirror the feelings of Jerry and George. Julia Louis - Dreyfus and Michael Richards are given basically cameo roles but they both light up in them.

    This episode isn't the best of the series or even the second season but it contains hilarious moments and is a breakthrough for the show so can safely be called a classic.