Season 4 Episode 20

The Junior Mint

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 1993 on NBC

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  • Dolores?

    Well I really like this episode but I don't like how they leave me hanging in the end. Is her name really Dolores? I would like to know. I mean I wanted to know through the whole episode. The least they can do is give me the name of the person. Anyways the main plot of the episode is when Jerry & Kramer accidentally drop a junior mint in to a surgery. Boy, are these story lines getting complicated or what? Anyways, once e the patient starts getting worse. George buys him a 1900 dollar painting, but then regrets it when he gets better.I didn't understand that because George is very cheap. So that is what was out of character.
  • My favorite episode

    This is my favorite Seinfeld episode. The entire episode is hilarious from the junior mint falling into a man during surgery, to Jerry trying to guess what his girlfriend's name is, to the junior mint saving the man's life. Thinking her name was "Mulva" and the things Jerry does to try to find out her name are clever and the ending when he figures out the name is hilarious. The best episode yet.
  • The Junior Mint

    This was a defining episode of Seinfeld. How many other shows could have an episode about a piece of candy and make it not seem ridiculous? Fellow Larry David laffer Curb Your Enthusiasm is probably the only show that could do such a thing.

    The episode as a whole just worked. It was fast-moving, it was funny and featured some great Jerry/Kramer chemistry, something that disappeared for the most part in the later years of the show. This was also the first appearance of the doctor, who would go on to be a crucial part of this shows storied history.
  • one of my favorites

    In this episode, Jerry and kramer go to watch an operation and while they are watching it, kramer accidently spills a junior mint into his stomach and no one sees. This episode is really hilarious and has alot of the little, clever jokes that make seinfeld the great show it is. One of my favorite moments is when Kramer meets elaines friend and he says how do you do? and kramer goes I do great! Overall this episode is very clever, funny, and definately memorable. Its a fine episode because it really defines what seinfeld is with its style of comedy