Season 9 Episode 5

The Junk Mail

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Jerry asked Kramer for the keys to his van, Kramer tells him he gave the keys to Frank so he could get rid of George's stuff. Yet George is seen driving the van with his cousin in it. Frank comes on the van and says that Kramer parked the car in the woods to avoid paying for parking. How did George get the keys? And why would Kramer park the van in the woods if he already gave the keys to Frank?

    • When Kramer finally convinces Jerry to take out an ad to sell the van, he sits at the table and fishes out a pen and some paper. At this point, there isn't anything on the table. But when the shot changes, there is a piece of paper on the table that wasn't there before.

    • Jerry spots Elaine's boyfriend, The Wiz, on an old taped commercial, stops the tape, then shows the commercial to Elaine, from the beginning, without rewinding the tape.

    • In the scene at Monk's where Kramer says that no one was at the post office, Jerry says "Today's Sunday." If you read the business hours of Monk's on the red plaque near the cash register you can distinctly make out "Closed Sunday"

    • Kramer comes into Monk's and notes to Jerry and George that while he was protesting against the post office, not one person went into the building. Jerry then remarks that it's Sunday and the post office is closed. In the next scene, Kramer is walking down the street and Newman, in uniform, drives up next to him in a mail truck. However, if it was supposed to be Sunday, then Newman should have been off of work.

  • Quotes

    • (George is sitting on the kitchen counter in the dark when his parents come in)
      George: (When the lights come on) Welcome back. (Estelle jumps in surprise) Pretty quick for a catered event isn't it?

    • Puddy: Seriously, is this the best okra you've ever had or what?
      Elaine: Mmmmm. Dee-lish.
      Puddy: Delish?
      Elaine: Delish… you know, short for 'delicious.'
      Puddy: Ah…like 'Scrump'.
      Elaine: …Yeah.

    • Puddy: You dumped me for some idiotic TV pitchman.
      Elaine: Look, I'm sorry, Puddy. It was a mistake. So, let's just put it behind us, and we can continue like this never happened.
      Puddy: Gee, I don't know. What if we're out somewhere and you see the Maytag repairman?

    • Jerry: So, what do you know about this Jack fellow?
      Elaine: Isn't he the best?
      Jerry: Yeah, nobody beats him.

    • Jerry: So, you wanna grab a bite?
      George: I can't. I gotta make the weekly call to the folks.
      Jerry: So call now.
      George : I gotta prep. I need a couple of anecdotes; a few "you were rights". It's a whole procedure.

    • Kramer: Oh that's it, they have gone too far!! They keep pushin' me and pushin' me, and now I have no choice but to go down there…and talk to them.

    • Frank: (to Estelle) Move woman.

    • George: Why is the mailman wearing a bucket?
      Kramer: Huh? Well, it symbolizes our persecution.
      George: Then…shouldn't YOU be wearing the bucket?

    • Elaine: He's the Wiz, and nobody beats him! Nobody…

    • George: Elaine's dating the Wiz? That's kind of pathetic.
      Jerry: I know, they're not even related.

    • The Wiz: That's right…they're bringing me back!
      Elaine: What?!
      The Wiz: That's right! I'm the Wiz! I'm the Wiz! I'm the Wiz and NO-body beats me!

    • Kramer: Rain or snow may not stop them, but let's see them get past these bricks.
      Jerry: Where'd you get the bricks?!
      Kramer: Jerry…the whole building is brick!

    • Kramer: How many miles?
      Jerry: Two.
      Kramer: City or highway?
      Jerry: Look, do you really wanna buy this thing or what?
      Kramer: Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy! I'm not gonna be pressured. I'll walk away right now!

    • (about Jerry's new van that's parked in Central Park)
      George: That van's a-rockin.
      Jerry: Don't go a-knockin.

    • (frustrated by his parents after looking in their fridge)
      George: No Chinese food, George is getting suspicious!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Postmaster General has a little "chat" with Kramer. This scene is strongly reminiscent of one in the 1976 film Network, wherein Arthur Jensen talks with Howard Beale. In both cases, the person giving the talk is perceived as being folksy and at the same time, almost godlike, and the person being addressed is reduced to childlike acquiescence.

    • When Newman warns Kramer that he will be abducted and disposed of if he keeps refusing the mail, the dialogue is a direct lift from the 1975 film Three Days Of The Condor. Newman's warning mirrors Max von Sydow's warning to Robert Redford as to what will happen if he trusts the CIA. Also of note is the fact that an assassin dressed as a Postman tried to kill Redford -- hence the Newman connection.