Season 3 Episode 23

The Keys

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 06, 1992 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Kramer invades Jerry's life too much, so Jerry revokes his spare key privileges. Realizing that he has broken the "covenant of the keys" gives Kramer the realization he is now free to come out of the shadows. Kramer takes off for California to follow his acting dream. Jerry gave his spare keys to Elaine, then when he needs them, he goes with George to Elaine's (who has her keys) to search for his spare set. What they find is Elaine's show-biz project. Kramer finds adventure as he journeys across the country to LA where he gets a famous bit part on Murphy Brown.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Breaking the "Key convenant"

    This was a very good season finale with a cliffhanger! What I always have wanted in Seinfeld, a cliffhanger. After Jeryy takes back Kramer's spare keys, he goes nuts and goes to California according to Newman, anyways the best part about this episode, is the confusion with thye keys, which is hilarious, and Elaine writing a script, a very shocking secret, writing a script for Murphy Brown. Then you see Kramer in the show, thats pretty weird, anyways a great season finale with great plots and cliffhangers. Elaine was the most funny in this episode, espcially when they find George & Jerry iin her aparttment.moreless
  • Definitely a Series Classic

    What a mess... with the keys of course. All the lines where the keys are involved are amazing, they´re original and well structured. So it all starts with Kramer abusing of Jerry. He has never told him anything but now he´s had it. So he asks for his keys back and the fun begins.

    So Kramer decides to leave NY and head to LA. In his trip and in his own way, everything happens to him. The best part has to be when he´s in the van with the crazy young man who in my opinion is terrific. But the mess continues back in NY. Elaine wants her keys and when George doesn´t have them with him, another mess emerges.

    An episode you just cant´miss.

  • How can letting a friend keep a spare set of keys turn into a mess? Watch Seinfeld and see.

    I love how this episode goes. Whoever knew that there were actually rules with someone holding a spare set of keys? If someone gives you a key you need to give them yours. Only on Seinfeld could this truly become and issue and a hysterical one at that. I absolutely love the way things play out in this episode and the series as a whole. Kramer running away. Jerry forgetting his keys and not able to get a hold of Elaine. George trying to be sensible by not letting Jerry go into Elaine's to look for his keys but of course George is going to cave. When they can't find the keys but find that Elaine wrote a script for Murphy Brown they of course have to make fun and Elaine walks in. As in all Seinfeld episodes it all ties in together when Elaine and Jerry are watching Murphy Brown and Kramer is her newest secretary. This has got to be one of the best comedies of all time and this episode definitely one of the best, all though to be honest most of the episodes were above average.moreless
Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen

Herself (as Murphy Brown)

Guest Star

Nina Tremblay

Nina Tremblay

Jerry's Girlfriend

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Eric Allan Kramer

Eric Allan Kramer


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Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This may sound strange but Murphy Brown theoretically can't be a TV show in the Seinfeld world. Let me explain. During its run, Seinfeld crossed over with Mad About You. Mad About You once crossed over with Friends. Friends once crossed over with Caroline in the City. Caroline in the City once crossed over with Frasier. Frasier was spun-off from Cheers. Cheers once crossed over with St. Elsewhere. St. Elsewhere once crossed over with The Bob Newhart Show. And the Bob Newhart Show once crossed over with Murphy Brown. It may be a long chain, but nevertheless these two shows technically exist in the same alternate reality, and therefore they shouldn't be able to watch themselves on TV. In fact the same is true for both George Wendt and Corbin Bernsen, if you follow the chain even further.

    • In the opening stand-up scene, there is a goof. At the far away shot, there is a microphone stand holding the microphone. Then, when it switches to a closer angle, the microphone stand is gone.

    • In the opening scene during his act, Jerry puts his hand over the microphone to make it sound like a pilot is talking. When the camera cuts away, the next shot shows him with his hand on his hip.

    • Kramer and Jerry are talking in his apartment early on in the episode. In one shot, Kramer has his arms out in the air. A second later in the next shot, he's clasping his hands together .

    • When Jerry says, "Listen tiny..." to Newman, the word "tiny" doesn't match up with the way Jerry's lips move. He could have said "buddy", or something of the sort, but they edited it out in the end.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Punk Dude: Hey Kramer, have you ever killed a man?!
      Kramer: What do you think Junior? You think these hands - they've been soaking in Ivory Liquid?

    • Kramer: Having the keys to Jerry's apartment - that kept me in a fantasy world. Every time I went over to his house it was like a vacation: better food, better view, better TV, cleaner, oh, much cleaner. That became my reality. I ignored the squalor in my own life because I'm looking at life, you see, through Jerry's eyes. I was living in the twilight, living in the shadows, living in the darkness… like you.
      George: Me?!
      Kramer: Oh, I can barely see you, George.
      George: Stop it Kramer, you're freakin' me out.

    • Kramer: I was clinging to those keys, man, like a branch on the banks of a raging river, and now I have let go and I'm free to go with the current, to float, and I thank you.

    • Kramer: (disgusted) Look at you.
      George: Aw, Kramer, don't start.
      Kramer: You're wasting you're life.
      George: I am not! What you call wasting, I call living! I'm living my life.
      Kramer: Okay, like what? No, tell me! Do you have a job?
      George: No.
      Kramer: You got money?
      George: No.
      Kramer: Do you have a woman?
      George: No.
      Kramer: Do you have any prospects?
      George: No.
      Kramer: Do you have any action at all?
      George: No.
      Kramer: Do you have any conceivable reason for even getting up in the morning?
      George: I like to get the Daily News.

    • (Newman refuses to tell Jerry and George where Kramer is)
      Jerry: (to Newman) Now, you better tell me where Kramer is, or are we gonna have to do this the hard way?
      (Hits the wall with his fist)
      Newman: Help! Help!
      Jerry: Where's Kramer?
      Newman: Help!
      (Elaine enters)
      Elaine: What's going on?
      (Newman hides behind Elaine)
      Newman: They're gonna beat me up!
      George: No we're not.
      Jerry: We're trying to find out what happened to Kramer.
      Newman: You wanna know what happened to Kramer? I'll tell you what happened to Kramer. He was ticked off. About they keys. Yeah, that's right - about the keys. Thought he got a bad rap.
      Jerry: Bad rap?
      Newman: Yeah, from you.
      Jerry: Me?
      Newman: You heard me. So he packed it up and split for the coast. La-La Land. LA.

    • Kramer: Do you ever yearn?
      George: Yearn? Do I yearn?
      Kramer: I yearn.
      George: You yearn?
      Kramer: Oh, yes. Yes, I yearn. Often I sit...and yearn. Have you yearned?
      George: Well not recently. I craved.

    • Jerry: You scared me!
      Kramer: It's just me.
      Jerry: That's enough!

    • Elaine: I gotta get some new friends.

    • George: Well, what do they look like?
      Jerry: Like keys, George. They look like keys. They look exactly like keys... What do they look like...

    • Kramer: Up here, I'm already gone.

    • Jerry: I heard something...

  • NOTES (3)

    • Candice Bergen was credited as a "Special Appearance".

    • In this episode, Julia Louis Dreyfus was pregnant, and they use a cushion to cover it up.

      Elaine doesn't appear after this episode until "The Pitch" and in that episode it is only for one scene.

      The following two episodes (The Trip parts 1 and 2) are continuations of this episode.

      The hippie from the bus who asks Kramer "if he ever killed a man" returns in "The Trip (1)."

    • Kramer's character name on "Murphy Brown" was Steven Snell; what is unknown is what secretary number he was.