Season 3 Episode 21

The Letter

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kramer is getting drawn by Jerry's girlfriend who is offering to take his clothes off. Then we see Jerry and George in his apartment; debating on whether buttons or a zipper is better on a fly.

As they leave to visit Jerry's girlfriend's studio, George can't believe that she wants to paint Kramer. It cuts back to Nina's studio and she's asking him about Elaine suspiciously. George and Jerry are waiting outside Nina's door and Jerry informs him that he doesn't care for her possessiveness.

Whilst in there; George buys one of her paintings against his will and Nina's father who is the Yankee's accountant gives them four VIP tickets; first row behind the dugout but as Jerry can't go she gives them to Kramer, George and Elaine.

At Yankee stadium; George is furious that they're actually in the second row not the first. Elaine tells them that she blew off her Boss's son's Bar Mitzvah to go to the game but is subsequently thrown out for not taking off her Baltimore cap. Kramer is hit in the head with a baseball and is knocked out.

It cuts to Jerry's apartment and Elaine is telling Jerry about what happened with Kramer at the game. Kramer walks in with a bandaged head and appears quite dazed. Elaine is shocked when her picture at the game is in the newspaper when she told her boss she had to visit her sick father.

Elaine is in her boss; Mr. Lippman's office and manages to invent the story of her visiting her father. She tries to take the sports section from his desk but he manages to get it back before his plane leaves for a convention.

Two elderly Art connoisseurs are in Nina's studio admiring Nina's picture of Kramer and both agree that they love it.

Jerry and Nina are arguing and decide to break it off; Nina then gives Jerry an abstract sketch to give to George.

In Jerry's apartment, George refuses to pay $500 for Nina's "piece of junk". Jerry opens a letter sent to him by Nina and it's so moving he gets back together with her.

Nina is in Jerry's apartment when George enters and he tries to weasel out of buying the painting but it backfires. Elaine then enters but Nina coldly greets her and leaves.

When Jerry, Elaine and George are watching TV that night; Jerry realized that Nina plagiarized that letter from a Neil Simon movie.

Elaine is then in Lippman's office and tells her the story of the baseball game and she pretends to be shocked. Lippman then invites her to a baseball game and tells her to bring the Baltimore cap to have some "fun" with the man who threw her out.

Whilst in Nina's studio; he's just about to bust her for copying the letter when the elderly art lovers enter and demand to buy the "The Kramer".

At Jerry's apartment; George and him are watching baseball and they can't believe that they bought Kramer's painting for $5000. The announcer at the game informs the crowd that "a young lady" got into a brawl behind the dugout with two security guards who leave Jerry and George wondering.

In the final scene; Kramer is having dinner in the dining room of the people who bought the picture and is telling them a story about his life.