Season 3 Episode 19

The Limo

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 1992 on NBC

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  • An off episodes that doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the series.

    While the premise is enjoyable—Jerry and George take a limo that’s not meant for them—the episode is very much out of character. There are some fun moments in the beginning and a few later on, but overall, this episode is just too strange and heavy for this series. Kramer has a bit of physical comedy that is too forced, as well. A few highlights include some of Elaine’s and Jerry’s facial expressions, Elaine’s and Kramer’s rare one-on-one interaction, and Jerry’s and George’s usual great interplay. All in all, this episode is quite sub-par. Still, a bad Seinfeld episode is still pretty good (with the exception of the pilot, of course).
  • Nazi's.

    This episode was really good, it finally didn't surround, the apartment, or the coffee shop. It is so funny, especially when they shove Elaine & Kramer. That was really funny. I also like the part when Eva brings out the gun, that would of been pretty scary. Elaine is pretty funny in this episode, when they were questioning her. "I really had nothing else to do!" "Please don't shoot." A very funny episode with a very developing plot, from picking up at an airport to a crowd full of angry people ambushing George. It's funny how Kramer thought George was a Nazi, great!
  • Definitely one of the best non-appartment episodes.

    I really loved this episode. The Nazi storyline was impeccable and George as O'Brien was simply hilarious. The way he handled all questions from Eva and the bodyguard was fabulous and when he read from the O'Brien's speech it made me laugh out loud. It even made me think if George acted with such confidence all the time he could've been very successful with the ladies, no doubt. It is definitely one of the best episodes taking place out of the department. This one has it all: great plot, superb acting, memorable quotes, Kramer's three-sixty dunk into bunch of garbage cans and the brilliant ending. Simply great.