Season 8 Episode 11

The Little Jerry

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode, the camera is pulled back just enough to reveal the actual name of the restaurant (Tom's Restaurant) where the gang always meet. Normally, it is just seen as Restaurant.

    • On the check Jerry bounces at the bodega, the amount is incorrectly spelled as "fourty dollars".

    • In the 2nd. scene,when Kramer leaves,he's still with the napkin on his neck.

    • If you look closely at the walls in the scene with the cock fight, you can find a poster advertising "Budcheladas." There is a beverage made with beer and tomato or clamato juice called "Michelada" that is customary around Mexico City, where people are not very used to drinking beer. The owner of the store (Marcelino) is Hispanic, so this would seem to be an a promotion of Budweiser beer aimed at some segment of the Hispanic population. (People in Northern Mexico drink more beer than people in the Central and Southern Mexican states, and the majority of the migration from Mexico to the U.S. comes from the Central and Southern regions of Mexico.)

    • At the cockfight, Elaine mentions to Jerry that it's 3:30am. However, while they're at the fight, Kurt stops by at George's place. What's he doing showing up in the middle of the night? Furthermore, when they show the outside of the building, it's clearly daytime.

    • At the cockfight, Elaine reveals that she's considering accepting Kurt's marriage proposal. However, she doesn't see Kurt again until the scene at the prison, in which she's already wearing the engagement ring. When did she accept the proposal?

    • Close to the start of the episode, when George is talking to Jerry about Celia, he is eating popcorn out of a bowl. While he is talking, he finishes eating and puts the bowl of popcorn in the FRIDGE. That's weird enough, but when Kramer comes in minutes later and starts filling the fridge with chicken feed for Little Jerry, he doesn't even notice it, even though he was looking for extra space in the fridge. Huh??? It looks like he is eating grapes out of the bowl, not popcorn.

    • Jerry says he is on his way UP to Kramer's apartment but we all know they live opposite each other.

  • Quotes

    • (At the cockfight)
      Jerry: Celia didn't want to come?
      George: Nah, she's not really into sports.

    • Jerry: (about getting married) Your life's gonna totally change.
      Elaine: Jerry, it's one in the morning; I'm at a cockfight; what am I clinging to?

    • Jerry: Kramer, cockfighting is illegal.
      Kramer: Only in the United States.
      Jerry: It's inhumane.
      Kramer: Jerry, it's not what you think.
      Jerry: It's two roosters pecking at each other!
      Kramer: What? I thought they had gloves and helmets. You know, like American Gladiators.

    • Kramer: Just because Big Jerry Seinfeld's a has-been doesn't make Little Jerry Seinfeld a never-was!

    • Jerry: Little Jerry ran from here to Newman's in under 30 seconds.
      George: Is that good?
      Jerry: (shrugs) I don't know.

    • George: I've discovered something even better than conjugal visit sex... fugitive sex!!

    • Jerry: He just shaves his head for no reason?
      George: That's like using a wheelchair for the fun of it!

    • George: The best part is if things go well…
      Jerry: Conjugal visits?
      George: Don't jinx it!

    • George: You're in jail? That's so cool!

    • George: So Celia is up for parole today.
      Kramer: Ya, 'Little Jerry' won his first cockfight.
      George: What?
      Kramer: Who?
      (both stare at Jerry)
      Jerry: I'm too tired.

    • (in slow motion)
      Jerry: Kramer!
      Elaine: Stop the fight!
      George: Tamale!

    • Kramer: But You should've seen 'Little Jerry' Jerry. Flapping his wings and strutting his stuff. His pecking, and weaving, and bobbin, and talking trash! He didn't even have to touch him. The other rooster ran out of the ring. The whole fight lasted 2 seconds.
      Jerry: How long do they usually last?
      Kramer: 5 seconds.

    • Jerry: George, this is a little too much for me. Escaped convicts, fugitive sex... I got a cockfight to focus on.

    • George:(To Jerry) Allow me. (To Kramer) Why?
      Kramer: Cage-free, farm-fresh eggs.
      Jerry: (To George) Allow ME. (To Kramer) What are you, an idiot?

    • Jerry:(Explaining to Kramer that he does not have a hen, with a clarity belying his drowsiness at having been awakened by daybreak crowing) That is a rooster.
      Kramer: Well, that would explain Little Jerry's poor egg production.

    • Elaine: (to a bald Kurt) Are you saying that I could be dating this hair? … With you under it.

    • Kramer: Little Jerry Seinfeld was born to cock fight!!

    • Kramer: The check comes down as long as little jerry wins his cock fight.
      Jerry: Great… what?!
      Kramer: Yea Marcelino has cock fights in the back of his store.
      Jerry: Kramer, cock fighting is illegal.
      Kramer: (with food in his mouth) Yea, but only in the United States!

  • Notes

    • Viewer Ben Nuckols offers this wild theory about this episode: Here's a wild theory. I think there might have been a TV industry "inside joke" in "The Little Jerry," which was on in syndication this week. I knew I recognized the name of John Michael Higgins, who plays Kurt, from somewhere, and I finally figured it out. He played David Letterman in the HBO movie "The Late Shift." I checked the Internet Movie Database to be sure. Of course, he looks completely different with his head shaved. Here's the connection: when "The Late Shift" came out, the real David Letterman complained that the actor playing him had red hair. Higgins was scheduled to be a guest on Letterman's show, but he was bumped, some say due to Letterman's distaste for his portrayal in the picture. Now, do you suppose it's a coincidence that Higgins was cast as a character whose hair was a central issue? Elaine glamorizes the hair color by describing it as "chestnut with auburn highlights." Do you think Seinfeld was taking a lighthearted stab at his buddy Letterman? Offer any comments to Ben at this email address (for as long as it remains valid):

  • Allusions

    • Marcelino: "85 cent" when Jerry is buying Juicy-Fruit
      This is a reference to the 1993 film "Falling Down" starring Michael Douglas. In the film Douglas is in a food shop in California buying a soda, the owner charges him 85 cent for a soda and he becomes furios about the price and destroys the store.

    • Elaine: It's chestnut with auburn highlights.
      This is the identical description that Rebecca uses when she describes her hair color to Woody's lovesick cousin, played by Harry Connick, Jr in the 1992 Cheers episode "A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff."