Season 8 Episode 4

The Little Kicks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

As the show starts Jerry and Kramer discuss what would hurt more Getting hit by a car or having an air conditioner fall on you. Elaine tells Jerry that she is having a party for her employees. George then wants to go because there will be food there. At the party Elaine agrees to dance first, and the rest of the crowd finds out she is a terrible dancer. Jerry gets tickets for him and Kramer to a movie, and Kramer asks him to get a ticket for his friend Brodi. George then tells Jerry that Elaine is a horrific dancer, Jerry already knew about the horrible dancing or The little kicks as they call it. Elaine thinks that she is getting a vibe, and she thinks it is George that is giving her this vibe with her office. Elaine then asks Anna, a women at her office, if she spoke to George at the party, she says yes. Elaine then tells her that George is a bad seed, only leading Anna to be attracted to George. She calls George for a date and he says yes. Jerry then explains to him that Anna likes The Bad boy. Jerry, Kramer, and Brodi go to the movie, and Brodi turns out to be a bootlegger. Kramer then tells Jerry that its a real business, Jerry thinks otherwise. George then is seen with Anna, trying to act "bad" in front of her. Elaine finds them and takes back Anna. Back at the movies Brodi gets sick after eating a whole bag of candy. This leads Brodi to ask Jerry to film the rest of the movie. Jerry refuses, then Brodi shows Jerry that he has a gun, so he is forced to film the rest. After Brodi gets back his tape from Jerry, Brodi is very pleased with Jerry's work. Brodi then gives Jerry another gig, but Jerry isnt pleased. Elaine's employees continue to poke fun behind her back. Kramer then decides to bootleg the film because Jerry wont do it. Jerry watches Kramer's bootleg, and he says that its terrible. Elaine then starts dancing in Jerry's apartment, and Kramer and Jerry says she stinks at it. Jerry then leaves, and Elaine decides to film over Kramer's bootleg to see how she looks when she dances. Elaine then tells George on the speaker phone(With Anna there), that George is a good, and decent person. This then leads Anna to be turned off towards George. Jerry then decides to shoot the bootleg that Kramer could not. Jerry then has a lot of different things he wants done while he is filming. Brodi gets upset, leading Jerry to say he doesn't  want to shoot the tape. Brodi then turns to Kramer for the tape. While at lunch Kramer begs Jerry to shoot the tape, leading Jerry to say it is illegal and dangerous. George then wants to do it, so that Anna will think he does bad things. George gets arrested for trying to bootleg the movie, and Brodi still wants the tape. So Kramer and Jerry decide to give him the tape that Kramer shot, even though they found out it had Elaine dancing at the end of the movie. Brodi takes the bootleg. George is then seen crying at the police station, along side Anna who is trying to cheer him up. Frank shows up and is upset that George is a "bootlegger". This then leads to Elaine telling Frank that George isnt smart enough to hatch a scheme like this leading to Frank and Elaine fighting in a freeze frame.