Season 8 Episode 4

The Little Kicks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 1996 on NBC

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  • Season 8, Episode 4.

    On October 10, 1996, history was made. Elaine danced! LMAO, her dancing is hilarious! I loved it. The staff at Elaine's job is making fun of her dancing behind her back! Haha! Elaine tells her coworker Anna about George, after he hits on her at a party, because Elaine thinks the staff doesn't like her because George said something about him. Jerry has to get a ticket for Kramer's friend Brody, and he ends up video-taping the movie. Haha! The scene with Elaine, George, and Anna in the park rocked! I hate Brody. He is kinda annoying and very mean, apparently. Oh well, 10/10.
  • A Sight To Behold

    This episode seemed to have a little of everything. It had so many great plots and subplots. Jerry as a bootleg director was funny, Elaine as a lousy dancer was funnier still, but George as "the bad boy" trying to impress one of Elaine's beautiful coworkers was funnier. The final scene with George in the police station where George's father and Elaine were going to get in a fight was hillarious. The outtakes from this scene are always on Seinfield's funniest bloopers.

    Not only was this my favorite Seinfield episode, it had the most beautiful woman as a guest star--Rebecca McFarland. She was beyond sexy and lovely. I think she's the most wonderful love-interest guest ever on Seinfield. She was (and remains) a sight to behold.
  • Well remembered episode. Elaine dance "The Little Kicks" is comedy history.

    I watched the entire series in South America through Sony channel.I had seen every episode of the nine season series 4 times and I have enjoyed it every time.This particular episode is famous in Venezuela for the funny Elaine dance. It is well remembered by all Seinfeld fans. Congratulations to the writers and actors.Most episodes have contributed to make this show a tv addiction.Elaine hosting the party for her company with George in attendance, then Elaine's little kicks in that party in the very beginning and people in the street imitating the little kicks at the end of the episode was very funny.
  • Food? Bar? George?

    Opening this episode is quite hilarious. Many moments contribute to an overall web that made this show for me a daily addiction. Elaine running the company and throwing/hosting the party for her company with George in attendance is the layer that gets you started. Throw in Elaine's rug cutting and you have George watching in abject horror.
    Next we have Kramer with his friend Brody, who is quite the candy junkie, enlisting the help of Jerry to make a bootleg copy of a movie. According to Kramer, this is not against the law it's just illegal, but still a business.
    Finally after George hooks up with the girl at the party Elaine throws, we see him become something that we aren't accostomed to...George as the bad boy.
    The episode comes all together at the end like a fine recipe...filled with onions. Because you cry, then you cry again.
  • This was a pretty good episode. It was not as laugh out loud as some of the others, but still it was a wonderful installment.

    Elaine tells Jerry and George about a party she is throwing for her employees and George ends up going with her. At the party George meets a woman who is not interested and Elaine unknowingly dances so bad that everyone there cannot help but make fun of her later in the office. However, she is unaware that she dances so bad and thinks George makes a bad impression and is the reason she her staff has lost respect.

    Jerry gets tickets to a movie premier; he Kramer and his buddy all go to watch the movie. At the movie he finds out that Kramer’s buddy is a bootlegger. When he gets sick from eating a huge bag of candy Jerry has to finish the job, with some uncertainty. It turns out he does such a good job he turns into a sort of bootlegger legend.

    The girl who George meets later is interested when she is told by Elaine that she is forbidden to see him. This stemming from her believes that he is the cause of the loss of respect. Elaine treats the two like a high school couple that is not allowed to see each other. Elaine finds out that it is her dancing that is causing the loss of respect and George loses the bad guy title. To try to get it back he takes a shot at the bootlegging job and gets arrested. Due to his crying at the police station the girl leaves him.