Season 5 Episode 1

The Mango

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 1993 on NBC

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  • The Mango

    One of the most memorable, and a very quotable episode, to kick off the fifth season of Seinfeld. While this show has dipped into sexual encounters before, it is always professional and safe for TV in how it handles itself (remember master of my domain?) and tonight was no different as they talked about "below the equator."

    The scenes with Kramer, Jerry and Joe at the fruit stand may have been the best though. As someone who enjoys fruit, I found Kramer's radical passion for it to be quite humorous and it was great to see the overbearing neighbor with a different interest for a change.
  • A nice episode.

    I thought that this was a good episode of Seinfeld. In fact it was actually great. I have to admit that the entire plot around the mango was quite clever and it played out better than I thought it would. It connected the entire four cast memebers and it made for some funny bits here and there. My favorite aspect was when Jerry was shopping at the fruit stand and was banned by Joe. The fruit looked really good, but I don't understand why the guy was so touchy. It's just fruit and he lost some business. It was quite funny. Thank you.
  • The Mango

    In another great installment, George (and later Jerry) runs into some trouble below the equator, and Kramer gets banned from his favorite fruit store. During a conversation Jerry finds out Elaine faked it during their relationship, lending to some of the best dialogue the show has to offer. When Jerry tries to buy Kramer some fruit, he also gets banned. When George is experiencing his trouble, he tries a piece of mango from Kramer. Later, when after nearly ending their friendship from new unearthed information, Jerry runs into the same problem as George. It's an all around great episode.

    I love this episode. It is totally MANIC. JOE, the psychotic Fruit peddler is hilarious (probably without trying to classic. He's totally new York. I lvoe how he carefully watches what Fruit Jerry picks out and how Jerry knows he is being watched just for buying some mangoes. And you're NOT getting any PLAINTAINS LOL
  • great humor

    iTS ANOTHER SEX EPISODE,, ABOUT FAKING AND jERRY and elaine fight. Good laughs.
  • One of my favorite season 5 episode!

    I think that this episode is one of the best episodes of Season 5. Jerry discovers that Elaine fake orgasms when they were dating and is trying to give it another shot in order to prove that he can do so much better, Elaine does not hear this and decides to leave Jerry in desperation for doing this. George worries about if his new girlfriend is faking or not hers so he panicks and loses his touch. Kramer begins buying fruit in the supermarket, but after trying to change a bad fruit for another he gets ban and tries to get Jerry to buy his fruit, he also gets caught and both of them are ban. When George buys the fruit for them and eats a mango he discovers that he has return and goes out where his girlfriend. Elaine and Jerry decide to have a sex to save the friendship, but Elaine continues unimpressed and by the end of the episode, Jerry fails in his attempt, which really make me cry of laughter. The Mango episode is great.
  • Talking about sex and intimacy to this extent without using gutter-talk is truly remarkable, and extremely funny. Adding some seemingly random topic like fruit to the occasion makes it even more remarkable, and even funnier.

    Classic sit-com humour is usually based on slapstick, one-liners, or basic ‘a long story with a punch line’. Seinfeld’s brilliance is how they keep all of the mentioned styles rolling at the same time; the one-liner is announced by Kramer in a slapstick situation and creates the basis for the final punch line. Not many shows, or comedians, know how to do this properly, especially in American comedy. This is probably the explanation why the series and Jerry himself is a worldwide success.

    This must be one of the ‘dirtiest’ episodes of Seinfeld, yet it looks pink and shiny compared to other TV-shows. The constant referrals to orgasms, sex acts, and genitals should have made this episode R-rated; if it weren’t for the tasteful way it is done. Being from Sweden, the land of constant nudity and sex (they say), I’m used to in-your-face dirty talk. We have no censors for dirty talk or casual nudity. We have no bleeps to cover the ‘dirty words’. This is also the reason why a Swedish comedian never could have made this episode; we would never have thought to do it like Seinfeld.

    This episode is the reason why I watch this series. It is a perfect statement of the brilliance of the show. It is also the only good thing to come as result of American censorship.
  • Often overlooked masterpiece that has some of the funniest lines ever written in a 1/2 hour sitcom.

    George claims his glasses were stolen and walks into Jerry\\\'s with prescription googles, claims he broke his spare set playing basketball; Jerry tells Elaine,\\\'he was running from a bee.\\\" And so it goes, Elaine gets bit by a strange dog but the ER dr does not give her a shot. Kramer and George try to get a discount at the optometrist only to have Elaine \\\'develop\\\' symptoms of rabies. Homage to the \\\"The Great Escape\\\", hysterical lines about George being able to see 20/20 if he just squints and a terrific Elaine and Kramer dialogue on rabies symptoms, including Elaine calling Kramer, I think for the first time, \\\'a Hipster Dufus.\\\'

    And of course, this is the episidoe where Kramer gets Jerry an air conditioner (a Commander 8) wholesale: \\\"retail is for suckers\\\' he says.

    Classic and among the very best written.