Season 9 Episode 6

The Merv Griffin Show

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • Potentially the worst episode ever

    This is terrible. Seinfeld jumped the shark in series eight but I still found it to be quite watchable and amusing, but this episode is something else. None of the plots are believable any level. The worst of these is the title plot, in which Kramer finds the set of the Merv Griffin show abandoned in a dumpster and reconstructs it in his apartment where he starts to converse with his friends like a talk show host. This gag isn't believable or funny.

    This episode also suffers from being predictable. In the opening few minutes Elaine becomes freaked out by a work colleague who keeps on ‘sidling’ up to her. You know at this point someone will say "He's a sidler." Lo and behold, someone does. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
  • Classic Kramer!

    Kramer is nuts but he is hilarious. Only in his weird mind he would pick up a whole set from a Dumpster and would hook it up in his apartment.

    It's funny to see two immature adults like Jerry and George (well, and then Elaine) playing with the toys like children. And you know, the deal with the pigeons is true! But George is so unlucky that even that goes wrong.

    Elaine has a good time of her own but unfortunately, she gets into trouble, as always. My favorite part has to be Kramer putting up the set and interviewing everyone. I think the plot was very original.
  • Great episode.

    I ahve to say this was a great episode that was really funny and also very entertaining. Kramer hosted his own talk show from garbage he found. Jerry wanted to play with classic toys, but his girlfriend wouldn't let him. George ran over a squirrel and was forced to take care of it. Elaine wanted to get rid of a co-worker who was making her look bad. All their stories eem to mix well and it was funny to watch how unique they were. Overall, this was a great episode that is one of the better episodes of the series. Thank you.
  • In conclusion the Merv Griffin Show is one of those episodes every seris has. I hope you enjoyed my review. And I am looking forward to your comments.

    A very memorable episode that is my personal favorite. This episode really shows how far Kramer is willing to go to have a fun time. The way this episode really seperates itself from any other episode is that most of the episode is in Kramer's apartment! Also none of the episode is filmed in Jerry's apartment! Michel Richards really executes how you think Kramer would feel if he did have the Merve Griffin Show set very well. Bottom line: if you are trying to be a fan of Seinfeld or are trying to introduce your friends to Seinfeld, this is the episode to show.
  • Very funny episode.

    I really liked this episode. It was hilarious. Elaine meets a new person in the office who is a "Sideler" and quickly and quietly comes by her side... hah hah. He really gets on her nerves. George keeps hitting pigeons, and his girlfriend hates him for it. In the end after swerving to affoid hitting a pigeon he hits a squirrel, then after it visits the emergency room, George has to take care of it. Jerry has a girlfriend who has a lot of toys from a collection, and he gets addicted to them. Hah hah. He starts to bring George and Elaine over, (Elaine coming for the baking toy) and drug her with alcohol while making her watch a documentary of Geroge's life. The huge thing in this episode was Kramer's part on the Merv Griffin Show. It was hilarious everything he said, and it was all very well written and witty. Very good episode.
  • This episode is absolutely hilarious. The fact Kramer went into the dumpster and found the set was just too much. How did the writers think of this?

    One of my top 5 Seinfeld episodes. The difficulty with Seinfeld, for this episode for example, is that not only did the episode center around the Merv Griffin Show set in Kramer's apartment, but like all episodes, so many different stories take part. As I am typing this I just remembered how Jerry keeps drugging his girlfriend so he can play with her doll collection: scuba steve, EZ bake oven, the electronic football game, and more. I think everyone who has to get another person aspirin in the medicine cabinet thinks about Jerry choosing the medicine with drowsiness. Classic episode.
  • This why by-far the best episode of Seinfeld i have ever seen. It was so funny.

    Thiswas the best episode ever of seinfeld. i loved it so much. I liked how there were 4 story lines going at the same time. It was great. My favorit was when Kramer had Newman over to help him with his show. I love Newman. If you really like the show, they you have to see this episode. I laughed so hard that i almost cried. ya true story. I think after this episode, the series whent down hill a little and i think thats why they ended it so early, but 9 seasons is a lot. I love this show and this was my favorie episode.
  • One of many classic episodes, and one of the best to showcase Kramer!

    I always laugh my head off when this episode comes on. It is a perfect example of what an lovable nutter Kramer is and how funny Mr. Richards can be.
    This episode is also a fine example of what makes the writing on Seinfeld stand in a class all it's own. I have always loved how they will have all of the characters doing their thing, and on the surface they don't even seem remotely connected. Of course by the end of the show, it all comes together and in a most hilarious way.
    Case in point is how George brings his squirrel to the "Merv Griffin stage" to get some advice from Kramer's "guest" on the "show", the renown animal expert Jim Fowler. Jim Fowler has a falcon on at that moment and it goes after the squirrel. At the same time, Kramer has staged a confrontation with Jerry and his present girlfriend about his "doping her up" to play with her valuable toy collection, which she won't let anyone use.
    Of course the star of the show is Kramer. His child-like enthusiasm at finding the "Merv Griffin" set in the dumpster and subsequent delight at running his everyday life as a "Merv Griffin" episode is priceless!
    This episode is precisely why I watch. Hilarious!
  • Another great episode.

    This is yet another classic episode. The sight of George walking into Kramer's apartment and thinking he must be in the twilight zone or something is just hilarious. And when Kramer interrupts Jerry to take a commercial break - he wanted a bite of his sandwich - I fell off my chair. I know it doesn't have to make sense, but how in the world did Kramer convince Jim Fowler to come to his apartment?
  • This was the first episode I saw and I instantly fell in love with Kramer and all the other characters. I can't imagine anyone not loving this episode!!

    The first episode I saw was "The Merv Griffin Show" in late 2003, I started watching after seeing a Jerry Seinfeld Bio on the Biography Channel (Something which strangely was never shown again). Anyway when I first saw that episode I was laughing SO HARD even at bits which weren't funny! What got me going was the idea that Kramer actually got the Merv Griffin set in his appartment!! I instantly fell in love with Kramer really. I remember the dark bits with Jerry drugging his girlfriend just to play with her toys had me laughing out loud and I also couldn't believe they were making that funny, I was so used to sitcoms doing the heartfelt "I've learned a lesson" crap, so that was another thing that got me into the show, the fact that these were dark characters and they would do these things that in real life weren't funny but somehow managed to make funny.
  • My favourite episode.

    The Merv Griffin Show just goes to show how strong Seinfeld remained right up until the end.
    The Seinfeld formula of bringing all the seperate stories together for the finale worked wonders here when they all gather at Kramers "studio".
    The funniest aspect of the episode, apart from Kramer setting up an old TV talk show set in his apartment, is the way in which the other characters seem to go along with the madness. They all sit quietly when not being "interviewed", they all move along when another person shows up and even Jerry´s girlfriend waited until Kramer called her into the studio before she confronted Jerry.
    Add in Kramer´s cue cards, audience SFX and the B-stories and it is definitely one of the best 30 mins of comedy TV produced.