Season 9 Episode 6

The Merv Griffin Show

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • This was the first episode I saw and I instantly fell in love with Kramer and all the other characters. I can't imagine anyone not loving this episode!!

    The first episode I saw was "The Merv Griffin Show" in late 2003, I started watching after seeing a Jerry Seinfeld Bio on the Biography Channel (Something which strangely was never shown again). Anyway when I first saw that episode I was laughing SO HARD even at bits which weren't funny! What got me going was the idea that Kramer actually got the Merv Griffin set in his appartment!! I instantly fell in love with Kramer really. I remember the dark bits with Jerry drugging his girlfriend just to play with her toys had me laughing out loud and I also couldn't believe they were making that funny, I was so used to sitcoms doing the heartfelt "I've learned a lesson" crap, so that was another thing that got me into the show, the fact that these were dark characters and they would do these things that in real life weren't funny but somehow managed to make funny.
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