Season 8 Episode 20

The Millennium

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 01, 1997 on NBC

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  • 820

    All shows eventually jump the shark at one point, Seinfeld, as great as it is, was not the exception, but there was not really one episode that stood out as saying, "Okay, the show is done, now." But this was pretty close.

    I still laughed a lot during the episode. Jerry's performance while Mrs. Hamilton was flirting with him was great, and the four-way phone call, while somewhat childish, was still quality humor.

    The writing for the episode just felt so beneath this show. It was the kind of thing George complained about in the one episode: it was dumbed down for a mass audience.
  • Another hilarious episode.

    This is another hilarious episode! My least favorite part in this episode is Elaine's story, it was funny, but overall not my favorite in this episode. It wasn't that depended on at the story. George's story was funny, he tried to get fired by the Yankee's to work for another thing, the ending was funny when the other guy got fired and got his position. Kramer's story was funny, when he throws the party. The whole thing going on with Newman was like a silent friendly feud. Jerry's part was my favorite, when he's on his girlfriends speed dial, and gets in a phone war with her and her step mom. My favorite part of this episode was when Jerry was between his girlfriend, her mom, and then George comes in, it was so funny. Well, very funny episode.
  • awsome episode

    Great funny episode, some great Newman jokes etc,.
  • Jerry obsesses about his position on the speed dial and then he makes it to number 1. Kramer discovers that Newman is planning his own millennium party. George tries to make a big exit from the Yankees organization. Elaine plans her revenge on the store.

    Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander shine in 'The Millennium". The episode is absolutely hilarious. The concept of speed dial as a popularity chart is so original and appealing. The rivalry between Jerry’s new girlfriend and her aunt was well delivered and the way that Jerry is kept in the middle is riotous. The rivalry between Newman and Kramer over New Year parties had some very fun moments. The real big laugh comes from George’s over-the-top antics to get fired from the Yankees. The ways that his attempts backfire are uproariously funny. The scene in the parking lot is a personal favorite. Larry David is amazing as the voice of clueless Steinbrenner. Overall, "The Millennium" is incredibly funny.
  • Great episode

    One of my favorite episodes of all time, Elaine begins to buy at another store when she gets a really bad service, Kramer begins to prepare for the milennium party, but unfortunately Newman is also going to do one, and George tries everything to get fired, but nothing works...This episode is realy cool and is one of my favorite episodes!