Season 4 Episode 14

The Movie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 1993 on NBC

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  • The Movies

    In this episode of Seinfeld the gang gets sidetrack and keeps missing each other at the movies the only one who get to see the moive is Kramer and the other see a different movie the seems to be no good at all the whole episode was ok but not that great but still very funny most of the jokes have been used in older Seinfeld episodes the fellow in the same way as this one does but all in all this is a nice good filler episode with the story being somewhat nitrating that is what I have to say the end.
  • Favorite episode of season four.

    Probably the best episode of season four, because the gang finds themselves in amazing very complex situations, which is what I love about Seinfeld. Elaine tries to save seats for people, then she tries to pay George back, and finally she has trouble ordering what she wants at the food stand which was my favorite part of the episode. "Large is jumbo now." That was hilarious. And George keeps on giving the stub guy the same ticket. While Jerry is stuck in traffic, and is annoyed by an old friend. Kramer is waiting for Jerry through the whole thing. And they all end up seeing "Rochelle, Rochelle." An amazing classic episode.
  • A frustrating trip to the movies...

    This season four episode of Seinfeld was well written and well acted. This show is about the Seinfeld gang going out to see a movie. The show touches on all the frustrations that we have all run into at the movie theater such as: The movie being sold out, Standing in the wrong line, Saving seats, Sitting in the front row, Watching a bad movie, Sitting next to talkers, Sitting behind a big head, Losing your ticket stub, and Not being able to find enough seats for your party. I also like this episode because it does a great job of potraying life before cell phones. This is a classic episode and if you are a fan of the show you will enjoy it.