Season 8 Episode 18

The Nap

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 1997 on NBC
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Episode Summary

George is tired and needs to take a nap while at work; he finds the perfect place, under his desk. Kramer has taken up swimming, but he finds the pool too constricting for his needs; he begins swimming in the East River. Elaine's date is worried about his back and hers; he sends her a mattress and she gets the wrong idea. She gives the mattress to Kramer. Jerry is getting new kitchen cabinets, but the contractor is constantly asking him questions. George gets Jerry's contractor to make some modifications for his desk, including space for an alarm clock. Steinbrenner is in George's office looking for him; he decides to wait for George to return. George gets Jerry to phone in a bomb threat in an effort to get Steinbrenner out of his office. After finding George under the desk, Steinbrenner thinks he has ESP and would be perfect to meet the terrorist's demand of a fitted hat day. Meanwhile, Jerry's contractor, left on his own, has made a change in Jerry's kitchen that no one likes. Elaine gets her mattress back when she gets the right idea; however, Kramer has fouled it up with the stench of the East River. Elaine's boyfriend discovers the benefits of swimming in the East River. Steinbrenner hears a ticking sound in George's office, thinks it's a bomb and calls in the bomb squad. Jerry decides he needs his old kitchen back. Elaine throws her back out trying to get rid of the mattress. Kramer's river gets crowded and George finds a new place to nap.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • i rate

    I rate this as the best ever Seinfeld episode ever.
  • The Nap

    "Yeah, this is the terrorist bomber."

    I think that Seinfeld hit its peak in its early years, it was definitely past its prime at this point, but this is still a true classic, a diamond in the rough of the post-Larry David era.

    Conrad the contractor was a great character, particularly his switch from needing Jerry there to not needing him, and the whole concept of taking a nap at work is genius. I love how Jerry Seinfeld and Gary Apple actually referenced this when Jerry did commentary for a Mets game.

    If you are looking for an episode to convert someone into a Seinfeld fan, this is as good as any to show them.moreless
  • Great episode - but after it's peak.

    In this hilarious episode, Jerry is fixing his kitchen, but his carpenter askes Jerry about every tiny detail (ex. Brass hinges or silver hinges? 4 holes or two?) This carpenter reminds me of Katie, Jerrys agent who asks for every little detail. Kramer decides to swimming in the east river, oblivious to all the pollution. Elaine dates a guy with a back problem, who gives her a matress, which in turn falls on her. And George hires Jerry's Carpenter to turn his desk at his office into a suitable sleeping area. Really, This episode is funny, but It's Idea is kinda weird. I would watch it, but I would rather watch an episode like The Contest. Overall, it's a good episodemoreless
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Stephen Lee


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Angelo Tiffe

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Larry David

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When George is under the desk talking to Jerry, Steinbrenner can be heard in the background rambling on about random stuff.

    • Hiding under a table is the standard for an EARTHQUAKE not a bomb! However given how Steinbrenner has previously been portrayed it is quite believable that he would make this mistake

    • Viewer Dusan Vlahovic notes: Why when Jerry gets back in the apartment at the end of the episode, says "back to normal"? the drawers used to have glass on, and this drawer doesn't have.

    • As Elaine's back goes out, she falls over with a loud sound effect of collapsing on the floor. However, if you look at the right side of the screen, her hand is still holding onto the edge of the mattress to break her fall.

    • In the scene where George and Jerry are discussing the fitted hats after Conrad puts in the new cupboard, the camera pans out and some set lights can be seen in the high background.

    • George wakes from his nap underneath his desk and stores a copy of People Magazine with Mel Gibson on the cover in a compartment under the desk modified by "Connie". Later when Steinbrenner enters George's office and hears ticking, the copy of People Magazine w/Mel Gibson is on top of the desk.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Elaine: It'll be years before they find another place to hide more cheese on a pizza.

    • George: Jerry! Jerry, I'm trapped under my desk. Steinbrenner's in the room. You gotta help me!
      Jerry: Who is this?

    • George: Jerry, look at my eyes.
      Jerry: Hmmm... they're a little less beady today.
      George: Because I'm refreshed! I finally found a way to sleep in my office. Under the desk! I lie on my back, I tuck in the chair. I'm invisible!
      Jerry: Sounds like a real cool fort.

    • Jerry: The walking date is a good date. You don't have to look right at the person.
      Elaine: Hey, it's the next best thing to being alone.

    • George: I love a good nap. Sometimes it's the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning.

    • Elaine: So Kramer completely funked up my mattress.
      Jerry: Does it smell like the East River?
      Elaine: How did you know?
      Jerry: Because Kramer has been swimming laps between the
      Queensborough bridge and the Brooklyn bridge.
      Elaine: (a la Kramer) Oh, GREAT!

    • Son: Hey, there's a man swimming in the water.
      Father: No, that's probably just a dead body, son. You see, when the mob kills someone they throw the body in the river.

    • Kitsmiller: I buy all my furniture at an ergonomics store.
      Elaine: Oh those places always the stupidest names!…like uh… "Back in Business" or…"Good Vitabrations"
      Kitsmiller: Not this one…it's called the Lumbar Yard.

    • Jerry: How could you swim in that water!?
      Kramer: I saw a couple of other guys out there.
      Jerry: Swimming?
      Kramer: Well, floating. They weren't moving much…but they were out there!

    • Jerry: What is that smell?
      Kramer: That's East River.
      Jerry: You're swimming in the East River? The most heavily trafficked, overly contaminated waterway on the eastern seaboard?
      Kramer: Technically, Norfolk has more gross tonnage.

    • Kramer: Well, I had been swimming for 3 hours and I was in a real groove so I decided to keep going, but at 10 they start the aquasize. 35 geriatrics throwing elbows. It's like a flabby arm spanking machine.

    • Steinbrenner: Nothing but male curiosity and empty calories… hey Georgie?

  • NOTES (0)


    • When Jerry asks Elaine, "So, how was Wednesday in the park with Hal?", it's a reference to the musical Sunday in the Park With George.

    • Steinbrenner: Um, I'm stuck on this song yesterday. I can't seem to get it out of my head. I don't know the name of that. "She's a heart breaker, love taker . . ..Oh. Oh" . . .very catchy.
      The song that Steinbrenner is trying to find the name of is Pat Benatar's 1979 song "Heartbreaker". The actual lyrics are, "You're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker, don't you mess around with me."