Season 8 Episode 18

The Nap

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 1997 on NBC

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  • i rate

    I rate this as the best ever Seinfeld episode ever.
  • The Nap

    "Yeah, this is the terrorist bomber."

    I think that Seinfeld hit its peak in its early years, it was definitely past its prime at this point, but this is still a true classic, a diamond in the rough of the post-Larry David era.

    Conrad the contractor was a great character, particularly his switch from needing Jerry there to not needing him, and the whole concept of taking a nap at work is genius. I love how Jerry Seinfeld and Gary Apple actually referenced this when Jerry did commentary for a Mets game.

    If you are looking for an episode to convert someone into a Seinfeld fan, this is as good as any to show them.
  • Great episode - but after it's peak.

    In this hilarious episode, Jerry is fixing his kitchen, but his carpenter askes Jerry about every tiny detail (ex. Brass hinges or silver hinges? 4 holes or two?) This carpenter reminds me of Katie, Jerrys agent who asks for every little detail. Kramer decides to swimming in the east river, oblivious to all the pollution. Elaine dates a guy with a back problem, who gives her a matress, which in turn falls on her. And George hires Jerry's Carpenter to turn his desk at his office into a suitable sleeping area. Really, This episode is funny, but It's Idea is kinda weird. I would watch it, but I would rather watch an episode like The Contest. Overall, it's a good episode