Season 5 Episode 7

The Non-Fat Yogurt

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • George told Lloyd that his arm spasms began after he banged his arm into a desk. He later asked Elaine to back up that story. However, when she reluctantly confirms the story to Lloyd, she says that George banged his arm against a door. Although it's possible that it's Elaine who accidentally said door instead of desk, Lloyd doesn't seem to notice the mistake. As such, it's most likely a goof by the writers, or by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

    • The newspaper that Elaine reads out of at the end states that "Some blood spilled into Mr. Guiliani's test tube, causing his cholesterol count to be 150 points higher than was initially reported." The "initially reported" count was 375; if his true count was 150 points higher, then his it would be 525. The paper should have read, "…his cholesterol count to be 150 LOWER than was initially reported."

    • Notice that the yogurt everyone is eating is always white, even though they order different flavors. You'd think that the color might change with the flavor.

      The one Jerry had was having though (coffee flavor) was brown.

    • When Kramer is making out with the chemist at the laboratory, she kicks a stool that bumps into a bench with a rack containing several blood samples, including that of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In the first closeup shot of the rack of blood samples, the labels are in a standard typewriter font and aligned sideways, reading from top to bottom, such as GIULIANI. The shot switches to the yogurt sample, which tips and spills its contents, then back to the blood samples, where the labels have been redone in a larger, bolder font, and the letters are upright from top to bottom, such as:









  • Quotes

    • Frank: (to Lloyd) You discussed George with the Mayor of New York?!?

    • Elaine: You know what I would do if I was running for mayor? One of my campaign themes would be that everybody should wear nametags all the time to make the city friendlier.

    • Kramer: Hey, fatso, I got a 90 in biology.

    • Newman: (joking with fellow postal workers) Well, I wouldn't hear of it. I said 'Nice try, Granny,' and I sent her to the back of the line.

    • Kramer: Hey, I'll tell you what, chubbs, if that yogurt has fat in it, I will put myself on an all-yogurt diet for a week.
      Jerry: Well, let's start the insanity.
      Kramer: Mmmmmm… giddyup!

    • Elaine: I don't eat Oreos.
      Kramer: You don't eat Oreos? The way you break them open and you're practically having sex with them!

    • Jerry: Maybe your yogurt isn't so non-fat.
      Kramer: Oh, guess again, tubby!

    • Elaine: Boy, he is really cute!
      George: He's a jerk. (twitches arm)
      Jerry: He's gone, George.

    • Elaine: (on Lloyd) We went to his apartment, and I sat on one of his chairs and it broke. And he says, "Boy, you're a lotta woman!"

    • George: "Faking?" What makes you think that I have time to see doctors, take X-rays, make appointments, when there's absolutely nothing wrong with me? What kind of a person would do a thing like that?
      Doctor: I don't know what kind of a person would do something like that. Obviously a very sick person. A very immature person. A person who has no regard for wasting other people's valuable time.

    • Elaine: What if we become a couple, George? Every time we see you you're going to be walking around going like this? (twitches arm) Even you can't keep that up.
      Jerry: No, I believe he can.

    • Elaine: Where's your bathroom scale?!
      (Jerry rolls his eyes.)

    • George: Lloyd doesn't know what he's up against. (twitches arm) This is nothing to me. My whole life is a lie.

    • Jerry: Ah, Mary, we've been eating a lot of your husband's yogurt at the yogurt place. Does that have any fat in it?
      Mary: No *beep*ing way!

    • Jerry: (to Matthew) What the f**k are you doing, you little piece of s**t?!

    • Jerry: Cursing isn't something comedians usually do.
      Matthew: But you did it.

    • Matthew: (to Jerry) Thanks for ruining my daddy's business, you fat *beep*!

    • Jerry: (on the yogurt, within Matthew's earshot) This is so f***ing good!

  • Notes

    • If Dinkins had won, the character of Jackie Chiles might not have existed. Dinkins declined to appear in person, so actor Phil Morris (who plays Jackie) was going to be used as a spokesman for Dinkins in the episode.

    • Since the episode was going to air days after the New York City mayoral election, the production crew's solution was to produce two different versions of the episode:

      -One in which Dinkins won.
      -One in which Giuliani won.

      The cast would record a line mentioning Dinkins, followed by the same line, with Dinkins's name substituted with Giuliani's. After Giuliani was declared the winner, the corresponding version aired on television. Giuliani's cameo was filmed on the morning after his victory. Both versions of the episode were included on the Season 5 DVD.

    • The Season 5 DVD set featured deleted scene with Lloyd appearing in the last scene in the yogurt shop, defending his name tag idea and telling George to stop faking the arm movement, and George argues that it's now real. He then leaves, disgusted by the new non-fat yogurt. When Newman walks out saying, "I can't eat this!," the man next to him viewed only from back is actually Lloyd.

    • On the DVD (and the episode itself) it reads copyright 1994 when the episode was actually from 1993.

    • Kramer argues that testing the melted yogurt would not be fair. However, melting is a physical change, not a chemical change. The molecules would be the same, just in different positions. Jerry (and the chemist) are correct to say that this would have no effect on the test results.

    • In this episode Peter Keleghan plays Lloyd Braun. Note that in later episodes he is played by Matt McCoy.

    • Around this time it was reported that four versions of the ending of this episode were shot. The correct one being used based on results of the mayoral election being held at that time. The syndicated rerun of this episode shows more footage of the mayoral campaign, featuring Rudy Giuliani, who was not credited for his appearance (unless you count the caption during his press conference).

  • Allusions

    • Jerry: You know who I saw wilding today? Herb!

      Wilding was the name ascribed in the late 1980s to the thankfully brief trend of gangs of teens committing extreme violence in Central Park simply for violence's sake.

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