Season 3 Episode 1

The Note

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jerry is making small - talk while getting a massage and he inadvertently freaks out the masseuse by making her think that he's a child abductor. After that Jerry is telling Elaine what happened while George looks through Jerry's refrigerator. And when Jerry says that massages can be covered by insurance with a note; George and Elaine decide to get one.

George and Elaine are at the physical therapist's office and George is frantic when he learns that he's getting a massage from a man and he realises it's a handsome man at that. A very uncomfortable George is getting the massage and when the masseur rubs him down low he jumps up with a start. George then walks out of the room absolutely shell – shocked.

George is then in Jerry's apartment and stammers that a man gave him a massage and that he thinks "it moved". But Jerry assures him that it doesn't mean he's a homosexual. Kramer then bursts in saying that h saw Joe DiMaggio in Dinky Donuts; much to the disbelief of Jerry and George.

After that Jerry and George are in the office of Jerry's dentist friend Roy to get the notes for the free massage and Roy says it's fine. George then stares at a poster of the boxer Holyfield and frantically dismisses that he doesn't like him in an attempt to secure his heterosexuality.

In Jerry's apartment; Kramer tells Jerry and Elaine that he saw DiMaggio in the donut shop again and was thrown out for trying to get his attention by yelping and slamming the table. George then walks in with a bloody knee after he tried to chase some kids for calling him a "Mary". Jerry then gets a call from Roy who is under investigation for insurance fraud.

Jerry and George are at Roy's office and Roy invites them into the dental surgery while his patient is unconscious. Roy tells him he'll be fine if the physical therapist agrees that the complaint was related to a dental problem while Roy's wife is furious at them for ruining his practice.

Jerry and George are at the physical therapists' office to speak to the masseuse he misinformed but she runs away from him and screams that someone calls the police. Raymond then comes out and greets George much to his uneasiness.

It ends with the three of them in the coffee shop; Elaine says that Roy's 6 – month probation was a "slap on the wrist" and George is worried than men are popping into his fantasies. Kramer then enters the coffee shop and they all see Joe DiMaggio having a coffee and donut. George then blurts out that he's handsome and the gang stares at him strangely.