Season 3 Episode 1

The Note

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 1991 on NBC

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  • A Claassic!

    In this episode it was really funny because George and Elaine are so surprized when Jerry comes home from a masage and they learn that if Jerry get a note from his friend the dentist he can charge the masage to insurens. Meanwhile at the masage therapist Jerry is being masaged by a woman and she tells him that she has a child and Jerry just to keep the conversation going starts talking about a story he herd about a penzalvania child that was kidnapped by a really crazy guy. Later on Kramer comes rushing into Jerry app. saying he just seen Joe DiMaggio at Dinky Dounuts after a while of Kramer going on and on about seeing Joe DiMaggio at the of the episode Jerry,Kramer,Elaine,George walk into the restrant and se Joe DiMaggio dunk his dounut and Kramer starts hitting the table and making eliphant noies.

  • okay, now this was the beginning of Seinfeld as we knew it.

    Seinfeld had 2 seasons that weren't exactly that hott. What made those two seasons poor? Well, most of the episodes focused on only one problem. So, they used 22 minutes on one problem. Well, in the season finale for season 2, there was a wake up call to the writers that you can't just focus on one little problem. Season 3 was the start of the Seinfeld we know and love.

    Now as for this episode, I thought this episode was pretty funny. George thinks he's homosexual because of the masseuse. Jerry and George get a doctor fired. I thought it was pretty good. It wasn't great, just good. I also liked the female scatting for the theme song. :P
  • Not a very good season opener.

    I don't think this was a very good season opener because it didn't really pick up where it left off. The plot was above average, but Elaine & Jerry were supposed to date but then they didn't mention throughout the whole episode, I mean I definitely expected more. Now about the plot, George thinks he's gay after seeing a masseuse, which was a man he thinks his penis moved, another plot, Jerry is confused for an abductor, after he is just trying to make conversation with his masseuse while he tries to get a doctor's note from a dentist to cover insurance, which causes trouble. An eh episode.
  • "Joe DiMaggio is a dunker??"

    This is yet another great episode of Seinfeld.

    Jerry inadvertantly make a woman think he abducts children; George gets a massage from a man and worries that he enjoyed it too much; Jerry goes to his dentist friend, Roy, to get a note for the therapy so insurace will cover it; Kramer thinks he sees Joe DiMaggio in Dinky Donuts; and Roy becomes the suspect of investigation for insurance fraud.

    This was one of those episodes where I just could not stop laughing. Anyways, great episode right here.

  • An amusing episode with some very good stand up observations littered throughout.

    The first two seasons of Seinfeld made for light, breezy comedy entertainment. In series three it started to really hit its stride as an above average sitcom. It's still not perfect: George hasn't quite made his journey from the likeably neurotic Woody Allen type New Yorker of the early shows to the full blown rage-a-holic of the classic seasons that were to come, but the seeds are beginning to form here. Nor has the writing hit the masterstrokes of season four scripts like The Contest or The Outing, but you can see Larry David and his writing team are getting closer. An amusing episode with some very good stand up observations littered throughout.