Season 4 Episode 18

The Old Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1993 on NBC

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  • Jerry, George, and Elaine sign up for volunteer work with the elderly. They wind up with three of the most eccentric old-timers in New York. Meanwhile, Kramer and Newman plot to sell used records for (hopefully) a huge profit.

    I chose "Well Written" to describe 'The Old Man,' even though you could say this for any 'Seinfeld' episode. The dialogue here is truly amazing. Bill Erwin does a remarkable job portraying Sid Fields, a crazy old man who thinks his African housekeeper is stealing from him. Sid's lines are as funny as his personality. His exchange with Jerry when they first meet is classic. He describes watching Kramer and Newman taking his records as like "watching a bunch of hyenas." Also great is Kramer and Newman's final encounter with the record store clerk. "You emit a foul and unpleasant odor! are a piece of crap!...I loathe you!" The recurring joke in this episode is about bald men (Gandhi, George) dipping their bald heads in oil and rubbing them all over their female counterparts bodies. Truly great stuff here.
  • Jerry and the gang volunteer senior citzen's program to keep old folks company.

    Jerry, George and Elaine all choose an elderly person to visit and the laughs ensue. The subplot involves Kramer and Neumann hustling records back and forth to a record shop owner; their latest scam for some extra bucks on the side. George offends his elder so completely that he immediately gets fired (from a volunteer gig?) and Elaine gets a real shock with her elderly client. Jerry of course ends up with the ultimate old fogey and Kramer along with George, a Jamaican housekeeper, Neumann and a very efficient garbage disposal ruin the experience. It comes to a climax when the old fogey's actual family get into the picture. Tune in for a shocker!
  • Great guest performance by Bill Erwin.

    I will say that without Bill Erwin in this episode, it wouldn't have been as good as it was. They did a wonderful job casting him in this episode. I mean, there are still some funny moments in the episode without Bill Erwin. Such as the scene with Newman and Kramer with the records. The Old Man is in my opinion one of the best installments from season 4. This is also one of the first times we actually get to know Newman and find out exactly what he does for a living, even though this was his 9th appearance on the show.
  • Tobin Bell guest stars...

    I agree with Elaine on this one, for some strange reason. I couldn't bare watching this episode because of all the old people. they were so rude first of all, they weren't funny. I love Elaine's plot probably because you can't actually see the old person. that is what made the rating of the episode so high. The old woman's goiter! You know what was weird, that Sengal girl doing the same exact same thing to George as Ghandi did to the old lady. Turns out Jerry's old guy & George's old guy were friends. Who knew? Highlight of the episode, is that Tobin Bell from Saw guest stars being surprisingly funny.